Following the finale of his drama “Dali and Cocky Prince,” Kim Min Jae sat down for an interview to debate his ideas on his function, what it was like working with Park Gyu Young, and extra!

KBS’s “Dali and Cocky Prince” is a rom-com drama starring Kim Min Jae as Jin Mu Hak, a person who lacks conventional education e-book smarts however is extraordinarily resourceful at making a residing, and Kim Dal Li, a girl who’s intellectually polished and comes from an elite background however doesn’t know the right way to handle herself.

Kim Min Jae commented, “I felt a lot of pressure since it was my first time taking on the comedy genre. The point of comedy is to make people laugh, but I’m not a funny person and don’t have the ability for it. Because of that, I tried to focus on my role as Jin Mu Hak as much as I possibly could. As a result, I think there were some scenes that could make viewers smile.”

As for his most memorable line, Kim Min Jae pinpointed the phrase, “You’re taking a dump.” He elaborated, “It’s a phrase I rarely use in real life, but I thought that it was suitable for someone like Jin Mu Hak. When I first read it during the script reading I remember going overboard and exaggerating the tone. There were also a lot of ad-libs like dance moves and strange movements. I had fun filming it and I’m glad the viewers enjoyed it as well.”

Although he as soon as stated he had nothing in frequent along with his function, Kim Min Jae remarked that after spending eight months within the function, he’s found some comparable points between the function and himself. He additionally talked about that the rationale he wished to tackle the function was as a result of it was a personality he actually wished to painting. “We aren’t similar to each other, so if you ask me how I went about portraying him, I would say that I took the very minuscule feelings inside of me and amplified them,” he shared.

Thus far, Kim Min Jae has earned favorable evaluations for the flexibility and nice depth of his roles in dramas equivalent to “Dr. Romantic” and “Do You Like Brahms?” When requested why he tries to tackle a change in each function, the actor responded that he’s the kind to decide on the function he needs to do based mostly on that second and timing. He added, “It’s not because I want to hit it big or reach a certain status. I’m someone who wants to do what I think is enjoyable in that moment, and it’s turned out nicely. I don’t regret any of my choices.”

Kim Min Jae’s affectionate scenes with Park Gyu Young within the drama additionally grew to become a sizzling subject. He stated, “I had fun filming with her. Whenever I film, I tend to be cautious and considerate. Park Gyu Young is the same way. We worked hard to get the angles just right.”

He continued, “Park Gyu Young called me a strong and dependable actor, but I had no idea she would describe me like that. Although she said that about me, I think she’s the strong and dependable one. In the second half of the drama, Dal Li had a lot of emotional scenes. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to do it if it were me, but watching her do so many of those scenes in a single day, I thought she was amazing.”

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Kim Min Jae additionally revealed that he’s the kind to seek for viewers’ reactions to see their ideas about his scenes. “I think ‘Dali and Cocky Prince’ is the drama that’s given me the most nicknames,” he commented. “Among the most memorable ones are ‘jellyfish’ and ‘Jin darling.’ I also liked the reaction I saw that said, ‘He’s the male lead in a Korean drama, but he makes me feel embarrassed for him. But he also makes my heart flutter.’ They saw exactly what I had expressed through my role.”

Wrapping up the interview along with his year-end plans, Kim Min Jae stated, “I’ll be preparing for my next project and trying to stay in shape. After watching the final episode, I actually couldn’t sleep. I felt so sad at the thought that it had come to an end. I still can’t take a good look at other scripts yet. I keep reading them as Jin Mu Hak. I’ll give him a proper goodbye.”

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