Kim Jong Kook has grow to be famously recognized for his love affair with understanding and clear consuming. The singer has been round within the trade since 1995, and whereas he has gone on to grow to be certainly one of South Korea’s largest entertainers, his picture because the exercise king has remained regular and powerful. The Running Man solid member just lately appeared on JTBC‘s Ceremony Club (Seri Money Club) the place he mentioned his well being and love for exercising.

Kim Jong Kook.

It all started when Yang Se Chan, who isn’t solely Kim Jong Kook’s Running Man co-member but in addition certainly one of his mates, uttered an astonishing reality about Kim Jong Kook.

Kim Jong Kook on “Ceremony Club” | JTBC

His testosterone degree is 9! The common male testosterone degree is beneath 5.

— Yang Se Chan

To this, the man members of the present artist Heo Young Man and Lee Sung Kyung couldn’t assist however categorical their absolute disbelief.

Heo Young Man (left), Lee Sung Kyung (proper.) Caption: “Is that real?”

Kim Jong Kook and his well-known match physique has all the time been the speak of the city, however his excessive testosterone ranges nonetheless managed to shock the studio.

Kim Jong Kook defined that he feels a “sense of duty to create a world where you can live a healthy lifestyle by exercising. [He] wants to create a world like that.” 

To this, artist Heo Young Man couldn’t assist however counter Kim Jong Kook’s ardour for understanding by sharing his opinion.

If you dedicate 2 hours a day to understanding, individuals who don’t train will reside even longer with these 2 hours.

— Heo Young Man

Kim Jong Kook countered the artist’s remark by sharing that the “2 hours make [him] the happiest.” To which Heo Young Man requested jokingly if his “backtalk” was the rationale why Kim Jong Kook couldn’t get married.

Is this why you possibly can’t get married?

— Heo Young Man

Admitting his defeat, Kim Jong Kook acknowledged that that may really be the very cause why he stays single.

Kim Jong Kook: “You’re not entirely wrong.”

That is completely loopy! You can catch Kim Jong Kook on the latest episode of Ceremony Club on JTBC or on his fitness-related YouTube channel, Gym Jong Kook.

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