The anticipation is lastly over—Kim Jong Kook has formally revealed the outcomes of his 392 doping assessments.

Kim Jong Kook | @GYM JONG KOOK/YouTube

The Running Man member was beforehand accused by Canadian bodybuilder Greg Doucette of utilizing doping enhancements to attain his match physique. The Canadian bodybuilder confidently “bet” $1 million USD that Kim Jong Kook’s physique was not pure, which made headlines all around the world.

Canadian bodybuilder | @GregDoucette/YouTube

In an effort to place the rumors to relaxation, Kim Jong Kook—who has grow to be an icon of well being and health in South Korea—started to add movies that served as a journaling technique of his doping check journey. And in his most up-to-date YouTube video, he was capable of concretely squash the entire earlier enhancement allegations that had been made in opposition to him with the outcomes of his doping assessments.

Before revealing the outcomes, Kim Jong Kook shared the whole testing technique of what he went by means of. He first took his viewers to the very day he underwent all 392 assessments, which was again on November 13, 2021.

Testing official: “Since it’s 2021, we are only able to do the 2021 version. There are 392 tests.”
Kim Jong Kook: “392, sounds good.”

He additionally shared some clips of the testing course of, which included a exact packaging of Kim Jong Kook’s urine samples.

I believe I is perhaps the primary ever movie star in South Korea to do that.

— Kim Jong Kook

It was following the earlier introduction that Kim Jong Kook discovered that not even Olympic athletes bear the 392 doping assessments.


Testing official: “[Olympic athletes] don’t undergo the tests that we did.”
Kim Jong Kook: “So I’m taking tests that even Olympic athletes don’t even do?”
Testing official: “Yup. These tests are for people who are competing in ‘In competition.’ These LIMS tests are for people who have been previously caught using doping enhancements.”

After a couple of minutes of discussing what the LIMS assessments are, the testing official and the Running Man member reconvened on December 19 to formally discuss his check outcomes. They first revealed the official report which included his doping code quantity and the proof of Kim Jong Kook’s urine pattern testing.

The outcomes had been then revealed, which acknowledged that no steroid utilization was detected in Kim Jong Kook’s physique!

Based on the outcomes, it’s confirmed that there have been no traces of steroid utilization in your physique.

— Testing official

And there you’ve got it people! It seems to be like Canadian bodybuilder Greg Doucette has a hefty verify to put in writing. You can watch Kim Jong Kook’s complete doping check video down under.

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