The stars of JTBC’s “My Liberation Notes” have shared their ideas forward of the drama’s highly-anticipated finale!

With only one episode left to go, Lee Min Ki, Kim Ji Won, Son Suk Ku, and Lee El acquired emotional as they seemed again on their expertise filming the drama.

“All this time, I’ve been watching the drama in viewer mode, so I’m sad that it’s already the final week,” stated Lee Min Ki. “I’m sincerely grateful to the viewers who gave their love [to the drama]. I hope that you can relate to and share Chang Hee’s emotions in what remains of the story.”

He went on to notice, “In Episodes 15 and 16, a lot of time has passed within the story of the drama. You’ll be able to see how the characters have transformed during that time. There’ll be a new and entirely different vibe from what came before in the story.”

“There will be moments in which Chang Hee understands his life by experiencing a series of incidents,” continued Lee Min Ki. “Please look forward to seeing what kind of ending awaits Chang Hee in the final chapter of his story.”

Kim Ji Won lamented the truth that the drama was already ending, commenting, “I think time went by really fast. Filming took a considerable period of time, but it feels like the time that the show was on air went by so quickly, which makes me sad.”

She went on to share, “I always thought that the drama was great even when I was reading the script and filming it, but there was a different joy in watching the stories of other characters and the scenes that I didn’t film. It felt like I was watching the drama together with viewers, which was fun.”

Even if she knew what would occur within the story beforehand, Kim Ji Won revealed that she nonetheless discovered herself getting emotional whereas watching the present. “As I watched the drama, there were moments when I teared up,” she confessed. “I also received a lot from comfort [from the drama], and I felt like I was being cheered on, which felt really great.”

Lee El Lee Min Ki Kim Ji Won

Expressing her gratitude to the drama’s viewers, Kim Ji Won remarked, “Thank you so much for having been part of the characters’ journey as they took steps towards their liberation. There’s a line in the dialogue that goes, ‘By the time spring comes, I’ll be a different person,’ and I think ‘My Liberation Notes’ has the message: ‘When winter passes, spring will come.’ Although it’s impossible for me to know what season [of their lives] viewers are in right now, if anyone currently finds themselves in a season that is cold like winter, I hope that the story’s message will be conveyed well to them. I hope that this was a drama that gave strength and encouragement to those who are moving forward, step by step.”

She continued, “While acting during filming, I was curious about how each character would move forward towards liberation. That curiosity also included the question of what ‘liberation’ meant to each character. I think something changes when you move forward while asking yourself questions and pondering over them.”

“I hope that you will look forward to seeing how each character gets closer to the liberation that they want,” concluded the actress. “I also think it might be interesting to consider the question of what ‘liberation’ means to you.”

My Liberation Notes 2

Meanwhile, Son Suk Ku mirrored on how his expertise taking part in Mr. Gu had modified him.

“In order to know and understand the character of Mr. Gu, I looked closely at my friends and family, and I also spent a lot of time conversing with myself, which was really great,” he stated. “After the drama began airing, I was able to see a wide variety of feelings from viewers, and I was happy because that helped me know and understand Mr. Gu even more.”

The actor went on, “I’m truly thankful to the viewers who became part of ‘My Liberation Notes’ together with us—and to Mr. Gu for giving me this valuable experience. I hope that it will remain a drama that, when you find yourself going through a tough time, you quietly seek out and watch again on your own like a diary.”

Kim Ji Won Son Suk Ku1

Finally, Lee El spoke about being inspired by the overwhelmingly optimistic response “My Liberation Notes” acquired from viewers.

“While seeing the viewership ratings rise little by little, I heard positive word of mouth fill the air far more quickly than the numbers [rose], which made me happy,” she recalled.

The actress additionally expressed her deep affection for the drama’s characters, remarking, “I’m sincerely thankful that [viewers] cheered on Ki Jung’s love together with her. Although there is only [one episode] left in the drama, even after it is over, the three Yeom siblings will live on happily somewhere. If, by chance, you ever run into them, please hug them tight.”

She concluded, “I hope that you will find comfort in watching the three completely relatable siblings, their father, and Mr. Gu up until the very end, just as viewers have up until now. I’d be grateful if you watched while imagining the stories that will unfold in the future lives of the three siblings, which may be even more ordinary than those of our viewers.”

My Liberation Notes 31

The ultimate episode of “My Liberation Notes” will air on May 29 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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