Kim Hye Soo has launched her function in “The Queen’s Umbrella”!

tvN’s upcoming historic drama “The Queen’s Umbrella” facilities on the particular palace training system of the Joseon Dynasty. The drama will observe the battle throughout the palace over making an attempt to make correct princes out of its 5 troublemaking princes, who trigger nothing however complications for the royal household. Kim Hye Soo will star within the drama as queen Im Hwa Ryung, the spouse of an awesome king and the long-suffering mom of 5 troublemaking sons.

This will likely be Kim Hye Soo’s first historic venture in virtually 10 years, after starring within the 2013 movie “The Face Reader,” and her first historic drama in 20 years, after showing within the 2002 drama “Jang Hee Bin.” The actress shared, “Although she was not a real-life figure or [a role] typically seen in historical dramas, Hwa Ryung instantly captured my heart. The reason I chose ‘The Queen’s Umbrella’ is clear. I chose the project ‘The Queen’s Umbrella’ because it is a new historical drama, has an interesting story, and because of my character’s strength.”

Introducing Im Hwa Ryung, Kim Hye Soo commented, “Hwa Ryung is a woman with the strong power of love and is a character who gladly blocks and gets hit by rain and wind in order to protect those she loves.” She elaborated, “Unlike other queens we’ve seen in typical historical dramas, she is a character who behaves actively and clearly conveys her intentions and emotions. To the point where she’s considered ‘the person with the quickest feet in the palace.’”

Continuing to explain her character, Kim Hye Soo remarked, “Hwa Ryung, who follows rules without being old-fashioned, is more awake than anyone in her generation and is incredibly intuitive yet careful. Also, she’s more bold and moves quicker than anyone else. On top of that, she even has wit. This image of Hwa Ryung comes out in various scenarios in each episode.” She added proudly with amusing, “There has never been a queen like this until now! The busiest mother of a nation and the fastest queen that everyone will meet for the first time.”

Kim Hye Soo shared, “I believe that the greatest strength in acting is sincerity. It’s no different while I perform the role of Hwa Ryung. I’m acting while focusing on the direction her sincerity must draw out as a queen, a mother, and as a woman.” She then shared, “As it is a historical drama, there’s a limit to the visual differentiation that can be made. However, there’s a golden hairpin with a powerful dragon pattern that represents Hwa Ryung.”

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An enormous a part of Kim Hye Soo’s function will likely be her battle with Queen Dowager (Kim Hae Sook), who can be her mother-in-law. “This is my first meeting in awhile with Kim Hae Sook, after the film ‘The Thieves.’ While it’s a confrontation between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, the simple description of conflict does not suit our drama. Just from the script, the collision and mental fight between these two women were incredibly strong and interesting.”

She defined, “There are huge universes that exist underneath both the queen’s umbrella, and the Queen Dowager’s umbrella. While [Kim Hae Sook] is always warm and sweet, meeting actress Kim Hae Sook as Queen Dowager in ‘The Queen’s Umbrella’ is new. Her acting never gets old. With many moments of admiration, I’m filming while feeling thankful for my encounter with Kim Hae Sook.”

As a last remark to viewers, Kim Hye Soo confidently shared, “You just have to comfortably be in front of your TV in time for the broadcast. Within five minutes, ‘The Queen’s Umbrella’ will become yours.”

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“The Queen’s Umbrella” premieres on October 15 at 9 p.m. KST and you’ll try a teaser here!

While ready, watch Kim Hye Soo and Kim Hae Sook in “The Thieves” beneath!

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