There’s no query that he’s one of the beloved animated villains on the market, however Kevin Smith thinks Skeletor is without doubt one of the most interesting unhealthy guys in all of popular culture. Netflix’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation has revived the traditional 80s character for the 2020s, with the lord of Snake Mountain now voiced by Star Wars icon Mark Hamill. Speaking of Star Wars, it’s Smith’s perception that Darth Vader is the one antagonist round who can match as much as Skeletor.

While chatting with Thrillist, the Revelation showrunner was requested for his ideas on the place Skeletor stands within the halls of well-known villains. Smith admitted that he has a “controversial” opinion on the matter as he thinks Skeletor and Vader are the only two most interesting villains in TV and films, although he later provides DC’s Joker (additionally performed by Hamill on many events) to that checklist. Smith thinks that a lot of his recognition comes from his “badass” character design. As he put it:

“This could be controversial due to the fact that I’m working on Masters of the Universe, but honestly, I think it goes Darth Vader, Skeletor,” Smith mentioned. “Thinking about pop culture villains, who else ranks as high? And I’m not just talking about your misunderstood villains like Frankenstein or Dracula. I’m talking about true villain—somebody who has nothing but bad intended. So I feel like you got Darth Vader, Skeletor, Joker, and then somewhere down the list, you got some Marvel villains, but I put him high up there, man. Even people who don’t know Masters of the Universe know Skeletor because he’s just a badass visual. He’s got a skull for a face. That’s metal as hell.”

Smith makes a fantastic level that Skeletor is a type of actually iconic characters that anybody off the road would be capable to title and acknowledge as a result of they’re merely that well-known and ingrained within the public consciousness. With that reasoning, he makes a superb case that the scourge of Eternia deserves to rank alongside Vader on the very prime of the villain leaderboard. Even if Skeletor doesn’t historically possess the depth of somebody just like the Sith lord.

That mentioned, Revelation has executed lots so as to add some extra meat on Skeletor’s bones to this point, remodeling him into a way more formidable and sinister menace than he was within the authentic cartoon. In Part 2, we even see him declare the Power of Grayskull for himself, permitting for some epic battles with Prince Adam. The finale additionally teased some intriguing twists and turns forward.

Catch all 10 episodes of Masters of the Universe: Revelation season 1 on Netflix now.

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