As beloved as Clint Barton is, the actual draw of the upcoming Hawkeye collection is Kate Bishop. Her character factors to an thrilling course for the MCU.

Kate Bishop’s debut within the upcoming Hawkeye collection is rather more thrilling than Clint Barton’s return. As beloved because the bow-wielding Avenger has turn into all through the MCU’s cinematic tenure, there’s an emotional richness and complexity to Kate’s comics historical past that is certain to supply refreshing storylines and matters that the MCU hasn’t tackled in earlier initiatives. That Hailee Steinfeld – who’s arguably some of the gifted actresses of her technology – goes to painting her all however cements her character as the actual draw of the upcoming collection, which has been rapidly proved by the primary trailer for Hawkeye, which revealed Kate Bishop’s introduction and extra.

This is not, in fact, to say that Clint Barton’s attraction has expired. In reality, his function as Hawkeye and his checkered previous as Ronin make him crucial for the MCU going ahead. The darkish locations he has been to and the errors he has made afford him a helpful perspective that he might go on to Kate Bishop. Judging by the conversations and pictures surrounding Hawkeye up to now, it is obvious that Clint’s function as Kate’s mentor is about to be within the highlight of the upcoming Disney+ collection. Viewers had the primary have a look at this relationship within the first trailer for Hawkeye, which landed in September. It exhibits how the 2 characters meet – a second tied strongly to Hawkeye’s previous as Ronin – and the mentor-mentee relationship they develop over the course of the collection, with Bishop’s improvement into a brand new Hawkeye clearly each placing her in harms approach (which she seems outfitted to deal with) and having her study an entire vary of latest abilities from Clint Barton.

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That being stated, Kate Bishop is the extra thrilling prospect of the Hawkeye collection as a result of she’s a younger girl. This is a perspective that the MCU has been missing egregiously all through its predominantly male-driven filmography. Indeed, the Marvel comics show Kate going solo, taking cost of her narrative, overcoming her trauma, and discovering her interior power. Like Clint Barton, she is a self-made hero who has skilled herself as a way to sustain together with her superpowered teammates. But what Kate finally has is a narrative of private survival and triumph that, within the present #MeToo period of Hollywood, is a much-needed emotional dimension inside the MCU.

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MCU Phase 4 up to now has indelibly confirmed to be extra mature in its strategy to themes that have been solely alluded to in earlier phases. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, for example, highlighted how Sam Wilson, regardless of being an Avenger and the following Captain America, confronted systemic anti-Black racism. What’s extra, the Disney+ collection dealt with the difficulty with care and respect. Now, Hawkeye has the prospect to do the identical with Kate Bishop’s comics origin story as a survivor of sexual assault. Yes, Black Widow might arguably function an allegory of sexual assault, contemplating one man in energy coerced, victimized, and brutalized youthful girls. However, Kate’s trauma particularly incites her hero’s journey; that darkish second of her life propelled her to coach, to arm herself, and to, in flip, shield those that have felt equally defenseless. It would successfully be new narrative floor for the MCU’s upcoming Disney+ collection to deal with head-on in the identical vein as demise/grief in WandaVision.

From the primary glimpses of the principle solid in motion, there’s clearly nobody higher to painting the function of this younger girl within the MCU than Hailee Steinfeld, which makes the promise of the collection all that extra thrilling. Steinfeld, although solely 24 on the time Hawkeye premieres, has already greater than proved her appearing potential, choosing up an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress at 14, and in addition main motion blockbuster Bumblebee. Her most up-to-date mission, Dickinson, by which she leads the solid on the titular poet, clearly demonstrates her potential to channel pathos, empathy, humor, and gravitas to any function she takes on, which will likely be important for her function as Kate Bishop in Hawkeye.

But what’s most important about the introduction of Kate Bishop and her story is that it signifies a optimistic evolution of female superheroes in the MCU. One of the longest-standing criticisms of the franchise was its therapy of ladies characters, from Black Widow’s objectification in Iron Man 2 and Avengers: Age of Ultron to the pressured and performative all-heroine team-up sequence in Avengers: Endgame. Before Phase 4, in truth, solely Captain Marvel and Wasp acquired top-billing credit. It is subsequently monumental that Kate will seem in Hawkeye. Though the title of the collection might confer with Clint proper now, she does inevitably tackle the mantle herself. The symbolism right here is irrefutable: An empowered younger heroine replaces the older hero on account of laborious work, self-determination, and private power. Women are the way forward for the MCU certainly.

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