To beat Kartana in an Ultra Beast Raid, Pokémon GO Trainers should uncover and use elemental-type Movesets that counter Grass and Steel.

The smallest Ultra Beast in Pokémon GO is Kartana, a tiny humanoid-esque origami that stands not more than 30 centimeters tall. However, such an excessive attribute in measurement doesn’t deter this Ultra Beast from slicing aside objects with its infinitely sharp blade appendages. According to lore, this pocket monster has been identified to chop by way of metal with little effort. Nevertheless, the small and harmful nature of Kartana was not rendered into Pokémon GO, because it stands probably a whole lot of occasions its measurement as an in-game Raid Boss. Still, this Ultra Beast is simply as lethal and might make fast work of any Trainers who enter the Raid unprepared.


Kartana is a Grass- and Steel-type Ultra Beast in Pokémon GO and possesses resistance to many elemental varieties, together with Poison, Normal, Rock, Steel, Water, Electric, Psychic, Dragon, Fairy, and Grass. Conversely, Kartana is weak to Fighting-type Moves and extremely inclined to Fire. This must be no shock because the Ultra Beast is canonically made from paper, that means flames will simply burn by way of its defenses. Therefore, Trainers are extremely inspired to assemble a Raid social gathering of pocket monsters with Fire-type Movesets to face Kartana in a Pokémon GO Raid.

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How To Counnter Kartana in Pokémon GO

Face Off Against Kartana in a Pokémon GO Raid

Based on findings sourced from Pokebattler, the highest counter picks for Kartana in Pokémon GO can be each Mega Charizard variations, Reshiram, Mega Houndoom, and Ho-Oh. As Legendaries, Reshiram and Ho-Oh are naturally more durable to acquire, however Mega Charizard and Houndoom shouldn’t be too troublesome to accumulate if Trainers know procure their corresponding Mega Energy in Pokémon GO. There are additionally many different frequent pocket monsters that gamers can use to defeat Kartana that aren’t a part of the uncommon pool of Megas and Legendaries.

No. Pokémon Type Evolution Requirement(s) Best Moveset in opposition to Kartana
1 Darmanitan Fire
  • Evolve: Darumaka
  • Required Candy: 50
  • Fast Move: Fire Fang
  • Charge Move: Overheat
2 Chandelure Fire & Ghost
  • Evolve: Litwick & Lampent
  • Required Candy: 125
  • Evolution Item: Unova Stone
  • Fast Move: Fire Spin
  • Charge Move: Overheat
3 Blaziken Fire & Fighting
  • Evolve: Torchic & Combusken
  • Required Candy: 125
  • Fast Move: Fire Spin
  • Charge Move: Blast Burn
4 Emboar Fire & Fighting
  • Evolve: Tepig & Pignite
  • Required Candy: 125
  • Fast Move: Ember
  • Charge Move: Blast Burn
5 Charizard Fire & Flying
  • Evolve: Charmander & Charmeleon
  • Required Candy: 125
  • Fast Move: Fire Spin
  • Charge Move: Blast Burn
6 Hisuian Arcanine Fire & Rock
  • Fast Move: Fire Fang
  • Charge Move: Flamethrower
7 Flareon Fire
  • Evolve: Eevee
  • Required Candy: 25
  • Fast Move: Fire Spin
  • Charge Move: Overheat
8 Typhlosion Fire
  • Evolve: Cyndaquil & Quilava
  • Required Candy: 125
  • Fast Move: Incinerate
  • Charge Move: Blast Burn

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Source: Pokebattler

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