Kareena Kapoor is all set to release the secrets and techniques of her being pregnant and all that she has learnt by her expertise of motherhood by her two sons – Taimur and Jeh, in her new e book titled Pregnancy Bible. The introduction of the e book, written by Kareena, has been launched and it talks concerning the actor making an attempt to steadiness all of it – her work commitments, motherhood and thanking all the assistance she will get from her personal mom, Babita, and her home employees.

The excerpt hints on the time when Kareena fainted at a photograph shoot on account of exhaustion and busts the parable across the glamour of a star being pregnant.

In the Introduction by Kareena Kapoor from her Pregnancy Bible, the actor writes, “People think a celebrity pregnancy is super glamorous. And I did try and make it look like that when I was out and about! But I didn’t feel that glamorous – who does when they are pregnant? I gained a lot of weight, got pregnancy spots and was ready to sleep by five every evening! Sounds familiar? In this book, I have been totally honest about everything I went through, from my crazy eating to fainting on a photo shoot out of exhaustion. I hope it will make you smile and comfort you too.”

“I decided when I got pregnant that I wouldn’t hide anything. I was out there being as normal as I possibly could. And I wanted to bring that same spirit to this book. I am also super proud that I carried on my work right to the very end. Even though I have to admit I pushed myself too hard during Jeh’s time,” she confesses.

Kareena accepts that when she obtained married, she ‘did think hard about my decision to have a family’. “Saif told me I could do it all. He and I have worked hard to build a strong foundation for our relationship, and I truly believe my kids will always have that to stand on. And, hopefully, Jeh will be as confident as Taimur, because of his parents.”

She mentioned her mom Babita and mother-in-law Sharmila Tagore had been additionally large assist. “My mother-in-law was also among the first to tell me that I had to keep working. Her advice was to do whatever I wanted but with confidence. She did some great work in the movies after her marriage and kids and was a real inspiration. My mother is also a strong role model for me, and she and my father both told me I must keep at it,” she added.

Kareena additionally writes about Taimur’s start and the expertise of changing into a mom. “I remember when I first held Taimur to my chest, properly, after the anaesthesia and grogginess had faded. My little boy became real to me that moment. The moment of birth I think for so many of us is too hazy. The reckoning comes later. As I held my little baby, smelling his infant smells, aware of how fragile and precious he was, I told myself I’d do it on my own, on my terms. I set my own rules for Taimur, and those will apply for Jeh too. It was simple – to do the best I could and relax. I wasn’t the most perfect mom the first time around. There is joy in messing up. I didn’t know how to clean Taimur’s poop or put on his diaper properly in the beginning. His pee leaked so often because his mother didn’t secure his diaper perfectly. But here is some advice mother to mother: it’s about you and your comfort; do what is easy, do what works. When a mother is confident and comfortable, the baby senses it too.”

She additionally says it was robust to go away behind her son when she began working. “I remember leaving Taimur behind and going to night shoots with a crew of 150 people. I was so torn – trying to be professional on the shoot, while aching for my baby.” She mentioned she has returned to work after Jeh’s start too. “I’ve jumped again into my commitments quickly after having Jeh too, although I undoubtedly really feel much less rushed. It’s regular to really feel responsible. But belief me after I say Taimur doesn’t love me any much less at present as a result of I obtained my life again quickly after I had him, and neither will Jeh.

Asking moms to take assist when provided, she provides that her home employees and mom have been her guardian angels. “Saif and I are both working parents. Our lives would hardly be possible without them. And I want you to know that I don’t have to be on Instagram putting a child to my breast to prove I am a hands-on mom. I just do the best I can, every single day.”

She concluded the notice, “Of course, nothing fully prepares you for the actual birth and a live, kicking baby in your arms. There are so many unknowns. And there are so many things to which I still don’t know how I will react. But that’s what being a mom is. I always wanted kids. And I married the man I love. My kids are a symbol of my love, my life and my commitment. I may keep making mistakes. But I will power through.”

Saif Ali Khan has written the afterword of the e book.

Kareena had earlier posted about her e book on Instagram the place she wrote, “This has been quite the journey… both my pregnancies and writing my Pregnancy Bible. There were good days and bad days; some days I was raring to go to work and others where I struggled to get out of bed. This book is a very personal account of what I experienced both physically and emotionally through both my pregnancies.”

On the work entrance, Kareena will quickly be seen in Laal Singh Chaddha alongside Aamir Khan.

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