The lead actors of “Curtain Call” have shared their closing statements!

“Curtain Call” is a KBS drama about an aged hotelier from North Korea who doesn’t have a lot time left to dwell and a theatre actor who acts as her grandson so as to fulfill her closing wish. Kang Ha Neul stars as Yoo Jae Heon, the unknown theatre actor who undertakes a life-changing endeavor, whereas Ha Ji Won stars as heiress Park Se Yeon, who manages the Nakwon Hotel owned by her grandmother Ja Geum Soon (performed by Go Doo Shim). Jung Ji So performs Yoo Jae Heon’s faux spouse Seo Yoon Hee, whereas Noh Sang Hyun portrays Ja Geum Soon’s actual grandson Ri Moon Sung. Ji Seung Hyun performs Park Se Yeon’s oldest brother Park Se Joon, who can be a big stockholder of Nakwon Hotel.

The drama aired its sixteenth and closing episode on December 27, having fun with a slight rankings enhance and ending their run with a mean nationwide score of 5.7 p.c.

Following the finale, Kang Ha Neul commented, “I filmed while thinking about what I could do to look a bit more like Yoo Jae Heon or Ri Moon Sung. I hope this remains as a project that closes its curtains while both I and viewers are all applauding.” On his character, the actor added, “Jae Heon’s love for theatre performances, his longing [to perform], and his constantly positive mindset are all similar to me. Next time, when I play another role of someone in theatre, I think I’ll be reminded of Jae Heon.”

Looking to Jae Heon’s future, Kang Ha Neul wittingly imagined, “I think after running auditions for his project, Jae Heon will be asking Se Yeon for dinner. I think Se Gyu [Choi Dae Hoon] will have given up on acting. I believe Jae Heon will be in the midst of convincing him to work for the hotel.”

Ha Ji Won shared her affection for the drama, commenting, “I think ‘Curtain Call’ will become an unforgettable project that showed me the preciousness of life and family. I thank my co-stars and our staff members for their hard work, and for always creating a happy set. More than anything, I deeply thank the viewers who sent consistent love to ‘Curtain Call.’ In the upcoming new year, I wish you lots of happy days.”

She continued, “I’ve grown very affectionate for Se Yeon so it’s regretful that I have to send her off. Thanks to Se Yeon, I was able to try on a lot of pretty clothes and try out hotel management, so it was fun. Since she went through so much, I’m curious about whether she’s doing well right now. I hope she’s remembered for a long time.”

Jung Ji So remarked, “Among the director, my seniors, my co-stars, and our staff, I was always learning. Even within the script, there were many moments of realization, so I felt growth. I thank the viewers who walked with us. I think we raised our ‘Curtain Call’ well.”

The actress added, “I think a lot of aspects of my youth were melted in to Seo Yoon Hee. Since she was a character who was so true to reality, Yoon Hee was that much more precious and praiseworthy. Although I was always regretful even though I tried hard, everyone’s encouragement allowed me to have a new mindset.”

Noh Sang Hyun shared, “Thank you to everyone who has tuned in to the drama and loved Moon Sung. I had an incredibly fun time filming with many senior actors and our impressive staff members, and this was an extremely valuable experience for me as I was able to showcase my various images.” He continued, “Next year too, I will greet you with a good project. I hope you have a warm holidays and a happy new year!”

Noh Sang Hyun additionally shared a letter to his character Ri Moon Sung, saying, “Moon Sung, you’ve been through a lot up until now. I believe that your incoming future is sure to be bright. I’m cheering for your happiness.”

Through his company BIGWHALE Entertainment, Ji Seung Hyun remarked, “I want to thank director Yoon Sang Ho and our writer for creating such a cool project, all our staff members who worked tirelessly night and day behind the scenes, and my senior and junior actors. I learned and grew a lot thanks to working with such great people, and I was able to film enjoyably.” He added, “I’m also thankful to the many viewers who loved ‘Curtain Call.’ I will greet everyone with a good project and new character. I was happy to be together.”

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