Do you suppose sure K-Pop memes ought to be banned?

One of the numerous enjoyable components of K-Pop concert events in addition to lightsticks and freebies is waving banners to assist your favs. For one factor, it usually will get the artist’s consideration.

And followers particularly love to make use of not solely idols’ sizzling idea photographs however their iconic memes for the banners. These get simply as a lot a response from them, if no more. For instance, who can neglect GOT7‘s Jackson Wang picking up the hand fan of his own meme?

Yet, K-Pop fans are now debating whether it is acceptable to make and use banners of a K-Pop idol’s meme at their live performance.

In one second, on the live performance, Seungkwan reveals solely the viewers. He factors to at least one banner particularly earlier than repeatedly making a chopping movement together with his fingers, implying he needs to chop it.

Seungkwan at SEVENTEEN live performance in Manila | SEVENTEEN/YouTube

It was blurred within the video, however the banner in query is of him from when he dressed as the kids’s animated character Anpanman in an previous Halloween-themed episode of Going Seventeen. While CARATs thought he regarded lovely dressed up, it’s not as keen on a reminiscence for him.

After Seungkwan’s vlog was launched and CARATs realized what he was indicating with the clip of him “cutting” the Anpanman meme banner, they took to social media. Many try to tell their fellow CARATs by no means to make use of that meme, contemplating the artist himself seems to be very uncomfortable with it.

What do you concentrate on the difficulty? Should followers cease utilizing memes of idols for banners altogether or provided that the idol explicitly expresses their dismay with it?

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