It seems just like the Justice League’s Martian Manhunter has a kind, and his courting historical past may put his fiery weaknesses in a brand new mild.

One of the steamiest hookups within the Justice League is spotlighting what a weak spot may very well imply for a hero. Martian Manhunter’s dalliance with a teammate reveals how the hero’s vulnerabilities would possibly really be one thing fairly interesting for him.

Superheroes would not be who they’re in the event that they did not have a weak spot in some type or vogue. Superman has the radioactive slivers of his dwelling planet within the type of Kryptonite. The Flash is rendered helpless by the overall stoppage of motion attributable to absolute zero. Even the mighty Green Lantern has proven a vulnerability to the color yellow in the previous. Weaknesses make characters extra well-rounded and improve the stakes of their adventures. If a villain is aware of simply the right way to exploit a hero’s Achilles’ heel, they’re in the most effective place doable to exterminate them. Some heroes might need extra apparent disadvantages than others, however almost superhero has one thing that may hurt them.


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That mentioned, one hero appears to get a kick out of his weak spot by pairing up with probably the most unlikely companions followers may have imagined. In Human Target #5 by Tom King and Greg Smallwood, the titular character is constant his investigation into Justice League International to see who’s answerable for poisoning Christopher Chance. Chance and his new romantic companion, JLI member Ice, have dinner with Martian Manhunter. However, J’onn has ready for this encounter and begins a psychic interrogation into Christopher. What Martian Manhunter doesn’t count on is that Chance has already skilled himself to defend himself from telepathic assaults. The two start to root round by means of each other’s psyches. Just as J’onn sees Chance’s backstory, the Human Target sees Martian Manhunter’s personal life, together with a number of hook-ups between him and his fellow Justice League International teammate, Fire.

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Martian Manhunter and Fire Human Target DC Comics

It’s clearly a bit odd that Martian Manhunter would date somebody who makes a speciality of flames as hearth is his largest weak spot. But apparently sufficient, that is really the second heat-based hero he’s seen romantically as J’onn had a quick love affair with the flame generator, Scorch. This appears to counsel that J’onn is inexplicably drawn to individuals who focus on his largest aversion. J’onn’s weak spot has been reinvented a number of instances through the years, however this takes it to a completely new stage.

Martian Manhunter’s vulnerability to fireside has typically been one thing that truly bodily impairs him or one thing that solely impacts him psychologically. But Martian Manhunter’s repeated hook-ups with fire-based paramours means that the Manhunter’s true weak spot is without doubt one of the flesh and that fireside is definitely irresistible to J’onn. At least, when it’s offered in a type he finds personally alluring. J’onn hasn’t had many long-term love pursuits, and it is doable that could be as a result of is aware of he’s putty within the palms of somebody who may flip him to cinder. It’s a bit extra spicy than one would count on for a member of the Justice League, however historical past appears to be portray a really apparent image for Martian Manhunter.

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