Exorcisms are scorching proper now in anime — although to be honest they all the time have been. Killing demons and banishing some spirits again to the place they belong is usually an attention-grabbing sight. Exorcism anime are inclined to mix motion and horror in that regard because of the method of their material. And when two genres coexist properly in a single medium, it is all the time a deal with for the viewers

If stated anime has superior visuals and takes away a lot from different profitable titles, then that is all of the extra purpose to look at it. Jujutsu Kaisen is one such anime and admittedly a easy components the place individuals from all walks of life danger their lives to exorcise some uglies. Too unhealthy that one’s ending however fret not as there are extra anime about exorcism to keep up the momentum.

10 Jujutsu Kaisen

For anybody who loves Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tale, and most different tried-and-tested shonen anime, then Jujutsu Kaisen is the tip results of such pop-culture overload. It makes many pages from different anime and places its personal twist on high of insane action and animation.

The result’s all the pieces you like in shonen however nonetheless comparatively recent. Jujutsu Kaisen‘s plot and premise are additionally easy, a younger man named Itadori Yuji was compelled to turn into a vessel for an outdated godlike demon or curse. From there on, it is as much as Itadori to make use of his newfound powers for good however the catch is that he’ll need to kick the bucket sometime after changing into too highly effective. The journey’s actually enjoyable although.

9 Demon Slayer

demon-slayer (1)

Demon Slayer is one other straightforward anime involving, properly, demons and their slayers. The fundamental plot is made extra attention-grabbing because of the demon slayer protagonist and his demon sister, each of whom defy the stereotypes and conventions of their variety.


That demon slayer is Tanjiro Kamado and his sister is Nezuko. The drawback is, Nezuko did not even select to turn into a demon. So it is as much as his good brother Tanjiro to enlist the assistance of the Demon Slayer corps to rid Nezuko of her disposition.

8 Gensoumaden Saiyuuki

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An oldie however goodie this one, Gensoumaden Saiyuki has so much in frequent with Jujutsu Kaisen besides it focuses extra on the exploits of its 4 protagonists. All 4 of them are led by Sanzou Genjou, a warrior monk who’s additionally a reincarnation of the god Konzen Douji.

Sanzou, nevertheless, is not your specific priest or protagonist. He’s apathetic and cranky however who would not be in the event that they’re tasked to stop the resurrection of an excellent demon who desires to disrupt the peace between demons and people? It does not assist that Sanzou’s three companions are complications for him.

7 Blue Exorcist

blue-exorcist-cover (1)

Blue Exorcist is not not like Jujutsu Kaisen. It’s a couple of boy or younger man who immediately turns into particular after discovering out his hyperlink to a demonic being. In this case, the boy can be Rin Okumura. He’s an everyday teenager; angsty, rebellious, and loud.

In quick, he is the proper candidate for Satan’s son. That’s not a joke, Satan actually desires to take over the world on this one and wanted a bunch. However, Rin figured that he does not have to comply with that path so he did the precise reverse of what Satan needed and have become an exorcist. Hooray for Satan’s lack of foresight.

6 Kekkaishi

kekkaishi-anime-scene (1)

Kekkaishi is one other exorcism anime with an easy premise. It contains a boy named Yoshimura Sumimura who comes from an extended line of exorcists that defend a city from demons with a fancier identify than common.

The battle is that Yoshimura would slightly do muffins than demons. Too unhealthy he could not escape predeterminism since his hometown is the favourite hangout and buffet spot of the stated demons. Luckily, Yoshimura has shaped an alliance with a buddy from a rival clan so as to battle off the troublemakers so he can get again to his cake boss desires.

5 Mushishi

Mushishi-Anime-Still-006-20200709-1280x640 (1)

Mushishi is more horror than motion but it surely nonetheless captures the eerie facet of the human-spirit/demon relationship; the most effective half is that it conveys this by way of a mellow and gloomy environment or artwork type.

At its core, Mushishi is Ginko’s philosophical journey as a person chasing the Mushi or the odd types of life residing in his world. Ginko seeks to search out out the which means behind their existence and study extra about them whereas additionally fixing a few of the troubles associated to them.

4 Tokyo Majin

tokyo-majin-cover (1)

Tokyo Majin is sort of shut as an expertise to Jujutsu Kaisen however do not count on the characters to show the identical degree of depth of likability. Most of them are adverse or impassive, making the present appear darker and gloomier than others.

Tokyo Majin follows the story of 5 youngsters who have been by accident bestowed with some supernatural powers and thus now need to cope with demonic beings who’ve made it their purpose to assault Tokyo.

3 Mob Psycho 100

mob-psycho-100-scene (1)

For a pleasant change of tempo and surroundings in comparison with the standard exorcism anime plot, take look into Mob Psycho 100. It’s a couple of teenage boy (sure, once more but it surely’s totally different) who found his psychic powers at a younger age.

He is then enlisted for work by a shady con-artist and thus exorcises spirits each day. The drawback is, the protagonist’s potential is extraordinarily excessive and can lead to a disaster if uncontrolled or left rampant. So, the anime is generally the protagonist’s battle towards himself in addition to those that search to take advantage of him.

2 D.Gray-Man

D.Gray-man-anime-Earl-Akuma-and-monsters (1)

D.Gray-Man is but once more one other anime the place the villain plots to destroy the world, not caring the place he’ll stay afterward. In the anime’s case, that strategy of destruction is a bit alarming for the reason that villain, referred to as Millennium Earl, does it by entrapping the souls of the useless in monstrous husks or Akuma.

So it is as much as exorcist Allen Walker and the Black Order to cease the Millennium Earl one Akuma at a time. As all the time, every character’s technique of exorcism is totally different or flashier than the remainder. Regardless, there’s loads of motion available in right here.

1 Noragami

noragami (1)

Noragami‘s followers will probably swear that Jujutsu Kaisen feels the identical as this one is likely one of the most related exorcism anime to the latter. It follows the story of a petty god named Yato. Yato is struggling to turn into related to the world till he was saved by a lady who sacrificed herself. Problems come up when the lady’s spirit did not separate from her physique.

Yato, being highly effective, now has to assist exorcise the lady and cope with different issues. If you preferred the comedic elements of Jujutsu Kaisen, then there is not any purpose to not watch this one.

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