John Oliver says the best way Law & Order portrays police work is to this point off from how issues truly are in actual life, and that is a “dangerous” drawback.

The Law & Order franchise could also be simply as standard as ever with three ongoing reveals at the moment on the air, however John Oliver is just not a fan. On Sunday evening’s version of Last Week Tonight, Oliver took purpose at Dick Wolf and the Law & Order franchise because of the method its reveals depicts law enforcement officials. According to Oliver, the best way the fictional characters behave, together with how sure police procedures are portrayed, have had a harmful impact on actuality by creating misconceptions about police work for viewers.

Oliver argues that Law & Order sells “a complete fantasy that too many people in this country are only too willing to buy.” He stated it might be “dangerous” for a medical present like Grey’s Anatomy to depict inaccuracies about vaccines and says that what Law & Order is doing with police work is the equal. Oliver makes use of clips from the reveals, together with a few of Elliot Stabler’s most brutal moments, to counsel that Law & Order promotes police brutality. He clarifies that this would possibly make for good tv, however the issue is that it is not a mirrored image of actuality, although many viewers take it that method.


Additionally, Oliver slams the artistic resolution to current law enforcement officials in Law & Order as bona fide heroes whose arrests are principally for middle-aged white males. Oliver showcases a quote from creator Dick Wolf that acknowledges how a lot of the culprits revealed in Law & Order reveals skew that method as a result of he does not wish to offend any particular focus teams, and there are none for wealthy white guys. For Oliver, he does not like how this ignores the truth.

“You can see why he might not want to make a show in which his good guy cops are disproportionately targeting communities of color; he wants people to like them. But the result of all of these creative decisions is that instead of depicting a flawed system riddled with structural racism, the show presents exceptionally competent cops working within a largely fair framework that mostly convicts white people. While it is true that they have occasionally done episodes focusing on individual bad cops or referenced real world criticisms, especially recently with discussions of anti-police sentiment sometimes being shoehorned into conversations, in general, police reforms are often portrayed by the main characters as, at best, a nuisance to them, and at worst, a threat to public safety.”

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Law & Order: SVU Does Not Accurately Represent the Conviction Rate for Sex Offenders

John Oliver additionally spoke about how each episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit options Mariska Hargitay’s Olivia Benson securing a conviction for a sexual offender. Oliver agrees that it is higher for tv present episodes to be structured this manner, however says that is far off from how issues are in actuality. The Last Week Tonight host factors to the NYPD’s determine that solely 31% of all sexual assault instances finish in convictions. He admits that Benson may function a constructive position mannequin for real-life law enforcement officials however nonetheless finds it troubling that SVU allowed her previous associate to get bodily with suspects whereas being handled as a hero.

“Is it any wonder that some cops are watching SVU for tips? Which, honestly, may not be a bad thing when you get “Justice Crusader Olivia Benson,” but it gets a little hairy when “use of extreme power for Zaddy” [Elliot Stabler] here… I know it’s meant to be entertainment, and honestly, I’m not even telling you not to watch it. It’s completely fine to enjoy it. And it’s completely understandable to want Olivia Benson to exist. But, it is important to remember just how far it is from representing anything resembling reality.”

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