It’s the primary time we see Team Haedong department actually all collectively in motion in Jirisan!

Definitely top-of-the-line episodes in the whole collection, the tenth chapter of Jirisan introduced a strong story of teamwork with out swerving to the climactic thriller peeking on the horizon.

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Jirisan Episode 10 Key Moments

“Do you think this is about money? This place is our home and where we stem from.”

In the yr 1991, plans for establishing cable automotive on the nationwide park via Black Bridge village was first conceived. The then head of Jirisan park growth workforce, Mr. Yang, deems the village to be the proper hub for the cable automotive function. However, the village head, Mr. Kim, strongly refuses to be relocated.

Warning the village individuals they may remorse their selection, troubles like soiling the village effectively which pushed them to get water from the stream. Unfortunately, Mr. Kim’s spouse went lacking. She was final seen getting water however a stranger stops her observe.

Back within the 2019 timeline, Yi-gang and Hyun-jo current the video streamer’s final captured second. However, Chief Do disregards worrying concerning the video since no lacking individual was reported. He as a substitute reminds the 2 to concentrate on the mountain spirit ritual occasion.

Feeling unsettled at the opportunity of the video streamer to have been in peril, the 2 determine towards what their chief instructed them. They move on the duty to Il-hae and Goo-young.


“Some slack all day long and some make a big deal out of everything.”

Supporting her ranger-partner, Yi-gang even offers a talisman whereas mumbling she’s doing an enormous factor since she was suggested to not head to the north. Unknown to them, the person they need to seek for discovered his solution to escape and was discovered by the police. In worry, he retains mumbling seeing ghost lights.

Il-hae and Goo-young discover one another at Yi-gang’s grandmother’s place and study from Detective Kim that the video streamer was discovered. Hearing her granddaughter go up north which she strongly suggested her to not do, Grandma Moon-ok panicked.

At the Black Bridge village, the 2 discover nothing suspicious, however as they verify keenly, they uncover the cellphone of the video streamer. They rush to comb the village not noticing unusual lights seemingly monitoring them. Realizing the presence of the lights, they run aimlessly.

Chief Do learns his juniors stubbornly go towards his order and worries about them. He is aware of very effectively how harmful the valley is since when he was a younger ranger, he had a first-hand expertise of its tough nature. Even skilled rangers get misplaced in that valley which seemingly makes an individual lose his sense of course.

Back in 1991, once they discovered Mr. Kim’s spouse, her pulse was already weak, sadly, she did not make it. The younger Do Jae-jin blamed himself since he handed by the tree the place she was discovered however was not capable of see her there. Later, Mr. Kim dedicated suicide leaving his son an orphan.


“People say they see ghost lights on dark and foggy nights like this on the mountain.”

Finding a spot to cover from the “ghost lights”, Yi-gang and Hyun-jo odor moon bears within the neighborhood, including concern to their already troubled state of affairs.

Remembering the lady he encountered on the path, he referred to as to inform the rangers’ station. That similar girl was really within the hiding area the place Yi-gang and Hyun-jo settled. Sensing the unconscious ajumma succumbed to hypothermia, they rush to go outdoors regardless of the ghost lights – which turned out to be the eyes of moon bears.

With his unhealthy knee, Hyun-jo struggles to hold the ajumma, fortunately, Il-hae and Goo-young come to their support albeit all of them are trapped within the hiding place. They understand how they maintain getting into circles with out luck find the proper course.

“I’m meeting Yang-sun’s mother soon. I should have at least a team leader title since I don’t have anything else.”

Running out of concepts as to how they’ll escape their baffling state of affairs, Goo-young bicker about Yi-gang’s stubbornness. He whines about how his plan on acing the promotion examination is ruined. He blabs the way it’s necessary for him to move it so he can proudly meet Yang-sun’s mother.

Just then, they obtain a radio name from Chief Do and report their bleak state of affairs in addition to discovering a girl who wants emergency care. Chief Do requests to talk with Yi-gang and orders her to paved the way. However, Yi-gang responds how she retains getting misplaced.

Telling them how he additionally misplaced his means earlier than in that valley, and it precipitated the dying of the individual they have been in search of. He tells them to comply with the human path and never the animal path.

“Trust each other. Don’t worry about anything, just run. Your fellow rangers will watch your back.”

Following the directions of Chief Do, the workforce run in unison as a backup workforce was additionally mobilized. Remembering the occasions in 1991, Chief Do reminisces the lives he was not capable of save again then. But he’s assured that his workforce will save a life.

The lacking ajumma is rescued effectively and was capable of do her annual prayer at a Buddhist temple. Curiously, her prayer is for the deceased Mr. Kim.

Goo-young additionally meets Yang-sun’s mother as Yi-gang and Hyun-jo assist the “meet the parent” date by flaunting how good he’s as a ranger.

Meanwhile, Il-hae who has been struggling a foul knee will get a go to from his spouse who proposes in search of a job on the headquarters.

Just then, the rangers are alerted of a extreme accident, and so they all rush to the designated place. Hyun-jo additionally foresees one other imaginative and prescient that results in the wrongdoer.

Jirisan Episode 10 Musings

Episode 10 of Jirisan would in all probability linger on me essentially the most for the way it felt like a brief movie. Notably, we additionally noticed how the workforce was one in escaping a difficult place.

Challenging their familiarity on the mountain, they depend on the expertise of their chief. Thereby, saving a valuable life.

Tears even welled in my eyes within the dying minutes, when throughout necessary conferences, the rangers nonetheless select to hurry to an accident website.

It’s laborious to not have an inkling that the unlucky tragic dying of the Kim couple, who have been survived by their little one, might be linked to Jirisan’s collection of murders and terror incidents between 2018 to 2020.

Episode 11 preview appears like getting ready all of us for the culminating assault to the story’s peak. We noticed a glimpse of Hyun-jo opening his eyes. Dear Jirisan, let’s make this occur. He’s been in mattress for a very long time. Bravery received’t make Yi-gang endure her plans.

Seemingly resting on rolling out the thriller clues, we will sense a imprecise introduction and connection of who the actual wrongdoer or culprits on this episode.

From right here onwards, it’s going to be an exhilarating climb.

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