Perhaps one of many largest fandoms of all time is Jesus Christ‘s. Yet, we still never expected to see photocards of Him K-Pop style.

Jesus in “Son Of God” movie. | 20th Century Studios & Relativity Media

Recently, someone shared a listing of a few King James Bibles on Facebook, offering them for free. That was not all, though. It appeared to come with a small print of a Jesus Christ painting.

| Facebook via @strwbryseul/Twitter

K-Pop fan (@strwbryseul) shared the listing on Twitter, asking, “why does it come with a photocard?” There’s no denying that it enormously resembles the scale of a K-Pop photocard, though it was possible supposed to be a bookmark.

The tweet quickly went viral with 19.4K likes on the time of writing.

K-Pop followers’ replies had been much more hilarious. Some prompt it was for the “Jesus stans,” a.okay.a. d1sciples (or disciples).

And some confessed to being d1sciples who low-key needed to develop their photocard assortment…

Anyone serious about buying and selling photocards?

Meanwhile, others puzzled which model of The Bible this was aside from King James.

Some speculated that you can get advantages as a pre-order. But it appears a bit late for that.

And, after all, not even Jesus Christ himself is free from the SNOW app filters! He is regularly whitewashed…

That’s not the one injustice, although. He’s nonetheless not made his comeback! We’re ready; it’s already been like 2000+ years.

This wouldn’t be the primary time that Jesus Christ has gone viral on K-Pop stan Twitter, although. Previously, there have been a number of posts on each Twitter and TikTok about photocards of Jesus.


any trades 😝 jesus oppar 😍 #jesus #catholic #blackpink #bts #stayc #asap #pc #photocard



jesus oppar #kpop #jesus #photocard

♬ Awesome God – Rich Mullins


Looking for moots!! #jesuslovesyou #jesusstan #jesusstan4life #fyp #catholictiktok

♬ original sound – Candi-chan

Further, a lightstick for a “Jesus concert” or “fanmeeting” is a recurring joke on the app.

Similarly, on social media normally, there are memes about autographed copies of The Bible!

Now, Jesus Christ comeback when?

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