Jeremy Renner aka Hawkeye Calls Out Chris Hemsworth For Stealing Thor’s Hammer(Pic Credit: Facebook/Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner)

Jeremy Renner, aka, Hawkeye has disclosed an essential piece of data concerning his Marvel co-star Chris Hemsworth. Renner is about to look in Jonathan Igla’s Hawkeye sequence, which is able to premiere on 24 November. Jeremy has performed the function of the MCU superhero since 2011. His character was launched to the followers for the primary time within the film Thor.

It has been ten years after his first look, and the superhero is getting his personal miniseries. However, this time Renner steps down from the enduring function, which has been handed over to Hailee Steinfeld.

Recently, forward of the release of the Hawkeye miniseries, Jeremy Renner appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He talked concerning the present and several other different issues, together with his Marvel co-star Chris Hemsworth. Renner was requested whether or not he places on the costume of Clint Barton outdoors of labor. To this, the Avengers: Endgame actor had a becoming reply and stated, “Over the decade or so of doing The Avengers and all that sort of stuff, I never took anything because they told us not to, and my mom taught me well.”

“So, I never took anything, right?” he continued. Jimmy Kimmel chipped on this and remarked how not all of the Avengers are like him, prompting Jeremy Renner to name out Chris Hemsworth, aka Thor, the brother of the God of Mischief. “All the other Avengers took stuff, the dirtbags!” the Arrival star jokingly stated. “They stole something. Thor’s got his hammer. … What a dirtbag. What a thief!”

Taking the dialog forward, Jeremy shared that he just lately requested if he can take his costume house as he needed to put on it to his daughter’s faculty. He stated, “So I finally asked after doing the TV series because I got asked to be the valet guy at my daughter’s school. They need help when you drop off your kid at school, they need an adult … So I said, ‘Fine, if I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna do it dressed as Hawkeye.’”

“I don’t know if they’re gonna ask for it back,” Jeremy Renner quipped. “I probably won’t give it back at this point, but I got it finally.” So it seems that it isn’t solely Chris Hemsworth who desires to maintain the memorabilia.

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