Jeon So Nee has personally launched her distinctive character in “Our Blooming Youth”!

tvN’s upcoming historic drama “Our Blooming Youth” tells the story of a prince affected by a mysterious curse and a genius girl who’s accused of murdering her relations. Their romance develops via the method of the person saving the lady from her false accusation and the lady saving the person from his curse. Park Hyung Sik stars as Crown Prince Lee Hwan, and Jeon So Nee stars because the genius girl named Min Jae Yi.

Regarding Min Jae Yi, Jeon So Nee shared, “Even if you disregard the time and space, she’s a cool person you can look up to. I was drawn to her combined intellect and physical abilities, as well as her sincerity in approaching acquaintances honestly.”

On why she selected to star this drama, Jeon So Nee defined, “It was because I had the greed of wanting to become Min Jae Yi and act out the various images of her using her smarts to investigate, doing martial arts, and using tricks to find her way out.”

The actress raved about how she’d have the ability to chat all evening lengthy about Min Jae Yi’s strengths then added, “She knows how to share what she has, save lives, and repay favors. She’s someone who makes sure their heart aligns with their words and actions, so I couldn’t help but like her.”

For her major performing focus, Jeon So Nee defined that she targeting emotion. “I tried to act just as I felt, without doing more or less. Even when I was dressed as a man, rather than appear completely as one gender through my voice and actions, I wanted to express her as someone who occasionally pretends to be a man, but also tries hard [to disguise herself] because she’s a woman.”

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A key level of “Our Blooming Youth” that viewers are anticipating is the romance between Min Jae Yi and the Crown Prince. Jeon So Nee in contrast their relationship to a life or dying state of affairs and elaborated, “That’s because when they first meet, they both have to put their hopes to live on the other person.”

Jeon So Nee then dished on her chemistry with Park Hyung Sik, saying to her co-star, “With each scene, you could feel each of our desperation. As you did your best to be of strength to your opposing actor, it was very reassuring and enjoyable.” She added, “Thanks to Park Hyung Sik’s humor, the set atmosphere was always healthy and I received a lot of help.”

Lastly, Jeon So Nee picked the “interesting and colorful production” of “Our Blooming Youth” because the drama’s key level. She continued, “While feeling unfamiliar with the image of Min Jae Yi using a sword and kicking while wearing a skirt, I anticipate that [viewers] will also find it fun.”

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“Our Blooming Youth” begins airing on February 6 at 8:50 p.m. KST and will probably be accessible on Viki!

Until then, catch a teaser beneath:

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