Supernatural got here to an finish after 15 seasons, and with a brand new prequel collection, The Winchesters, now carrying the torch for the present, plainly there will not be room for any extra adventures of the Winchester brothers. However, Jensen Ackles doesn’t fairly see it like that and never solely appears up for extra, however means that in time there’ll seemingly be a reboot of the collection in a roundabout way.

Currently enjoying the Soldier Boy position in The Boys and offering a story voice-over for The Winchesters, Jensen Ackles clearly isn’t in need of work. However, whereas chatting with CinePOP, Ackles strongly urged {that a} return to the present may very well be a risk someplace sooner or later. He mentioned:


“Touching on rebooting Supernatural, yeah, I don’t think that was something — I don’t think Jared and I hung up the boots, so to speak, as a permanent move. It was more of like, 15 years, we need to just press pause. It’s a long time, and come up for air and see what that looks like, and this is what it looks like. But what the future holds — yeah, I definitely think he and I would be up for talking about that.”

There is clearly nonetheless lots of love for Supernatural, however after so many episodes, there may be all the time a query of whether or not the present had any new tales to inform. While it actually doesn’t appear imminent, it appears like Ackles wouldn’t think about his time as Dean Winchester wholly over.

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Jensen Ackles Recently Compared His Supernatural and The Boys Characters

Having made his debut in The Boys third season because the super-violent and severely tousled Soldier Boy, Ackles was not too long ago requested in regards to the character in comparison with Dean Winchester, particularly which of the characters suffered the most important “daddy issues.” According to Ackles, there actually wasn’t any contest in that. He mentioned:

“Oh, definitely Soldier Boy. He definitely had the worst father and has more deep-rooted issues because of it. With Dean, I don’t think Dean was ever looking, necessarily, for his father’s approval in the way Soldier Boy was. He just idolized his father in a way that was unique, given their circumstances, given the fact that they lived in a world that was much, much different than a relationship would be. Also dealing with the fact that his dad was motivated by revenge and he was John Winchester’s mini-me, essentially. He was his little soldier. I think it was less about his approval, and more, ‘This is what I’m supposed to do because it’s what my father taught me to do.’”

While it’s anticipated that Ackles might be again as Soldier Boy in The Boys season 4, he’ll first be heard because the narrative voice of Dean Winchester in The CW series The Winchesters, which premieres its first episode on October 11. Telling the story of John and Mary Winchester, the dad and mom of Sam and Dean, a few years earlier than the occasions of Supernatural. While Ackles may be very a lot concerned within the manufacturing of the present, he doesn’t bodily have an element within the collection apart from his voice-over narrative. However, it reveals that the pull of the Supernatural franchise is difficult to interrupt away from.

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