Jennifer Winget who not too long ago made a comeback with the second season of her hit internet present has been within the information for her link-up rumors together with her co-star Tanuj Virwani. The actress talked about it throughout a current interview with ETimes TV and acknowledged that so long as her household is aware of the reality, these rumors don’t trouble her.

She mentioned, “It doesn’t bother me one bit because as long as I know my truth, my family knows the truth, my friends and fans know my truth, that’s all that matters to me. Look I am a public figure and people will have an opinion and judgments about me and that’s ok. As long as they respect my work and the boundaries I am fine with it. I understand it is a part of the job. So it doesn’t bother me,” she mentioned.

Talking about her bond with Tanuj, Jennifer shared, “Our bond has gotten stronger from season 1 to now. It is so much fun to be around him because he is this big ball of happiness and madness. There was never a dull moment on the sets because I just keep constantly laughing around him and I love laughing. No complaints there.”

Jennifer not too long ago celebrated her birthday. Talking about it the actress shared, “To be with your family and friends and to celebrate your birthday as we would earlier do, I was so looking forward to it. Last two years every birthday I was sitting alone at my house or attending zoom calls. The feeling of just being with your family and friends on your special day was overwhelming. My friends were preparing for this birthday for the past month and when I saw the setup and the house and everything I felt so blessed. I couldn’t have had a better birthday. I was in a different world and I think that’s what shows in the pictures. I didn’t want to come back, I wish I had my birthday every day. I will be very old if that happens (laughs).”

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