The sky is the restrict for Jennifer Coolidge.

While changing into the Queen of Monaco didn’t pan out for The White Lotus star, she has inside the final 12 months develop into a Golden Globe, Emmy and Critics’ Choice Award winner. Now, Coolidge is stealing the present reverse Jennifer Lopez, Josh Duhamel and Lenny Kravitz in Prime Video’s new comedy Shotgun Wedding.

If you had been to ask Coolidge how she’s feeling concerning the 12 months already being off to an unimaginable begin, she’d say, “It doesn’t feel real at all.”

“I feel like someone’s playing a giant joke on me, or I feel like, you know, maybe I’m not alive anymore and this is heaven or something,” the actress instructed in an unique interview.

“This is an unusual moment for anybody,” Coolidge added. “I had already sort of given up. For this to come back around and get a bunch of opportunities and work with all these incredible people.”

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From touring to Italy to capturing Ryan Murphy‘s The Watcher and two seasons of Mike White’s The White Lotus, plus touring to the Dominican Republic for Shotgun Wedding with Lopez, Duhamel and Kravitz, it has been, in a phrase, “incredible” for Coolidge. “It’s just incredible what happened these last couple of years. I can’t explain it,” she stated. 

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