Jennifer Aniston’s character of Rachel Greene in FRIENDS is indubitably one of the crucial cherished characters within the historical past of sitcoms. People are gaga over it, nevertheless, when lately the casting administrators of the present sat collectively for a chat, they recalled the time Jennifer was going to get changed on the present. In a current interview, Jennifer was requested the backstory behind it. To which she stated that one other present titled Muddling Though had solid her first after which she acquired chosen for FRIENDS. So, it got here to some extent that if Muddling Though would final for greater than three episodes, she must let go of the opposite present i.e. FRIENDS. Talking about it she recalled that lots of her girlfriends even auditioned for the position once they began searching for one other Rachel inexperienced as Muddling Though lasted greater than three episodes. 

She stated, “I had a couple of girlfriends. Yeah, so they were fine trying to find backups if this other show went beyond those three episodes. And I just went to the producer and I said, ‘Please, please let me out of this show. I really love this other show that I’m doing.’ And because someone said, ‘What could it hurt? Just go in there and ask to be let off.'” She add, “And that’s when he said, ‘I’ve seen that show, FRIENDS, I saw that show. I saw the pilot. That’s not going to make you a star. This show will make you a star.’ And then, the rest is history. But he was a lovely person and it was a lovely show and I enjoyed it. I just was madly in love with (FRIENDS).”

Jennifer Aniston

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