Having already claimed his beloved Lucille, Jeffrey Dean Morgan revealed what different prop he want to have taken from The Walking Dead set.

Asking Jeffrey Dean Morgan which Walking Dead prop he actually needed to say for himself appears virtually sure to get one reply; Lucille. However, Negan’s beloved weapon of alternative is already in Morgan’s possession and has been for a number of 12 months’s now. When requested what he would have appreciated to take house when filming on The Walking Dead ended, Morgan instructed Entertainment Weekly that he actually needed to get his arms on Negan’s leather-based jacket, and some different issues. He stated:

“I still want the original leather jacket. And then I asked Greg for my Whisperers zombie mask that I don’t have. He told me that there are two, and that I could get one of them. So I’m calling him out now. Greg, I’m waiting on my zombie mask! I told my daughter I was going to get my zombie mask. And she’s like, ‘No, Dad, you don’t need that.’ But you know what I would’ve liked? I would’ve liked taking something from other characters. Give me Daryl’s crossbow or something. That would’ve been cool to steal, but he’s also really way on top of that s—. I think his props disappeared a month before we finished filming and they were like, ‘We got to make him a new one. We don’t know what happened!’ And he’s giggling. We all know where it is.”

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Will the Walking Dead Come To a Satisfying Conclusion?

The Walking Dead Final Season Teaser Arrives, a New World Order Begins Summer 2021 (1)

The Walking Dead has been working for over a decade now, and that often spells bother in terms of giving an ending to such an iconic and long-running collection. Many have tried and didn’t please tens of millions of followers when ends collection like Lost, The Sopranos, Dexter and lots of extra. Can the Walking Dead buck the pattern? Showrunner Angela Kang doubts it, and actually expects that there shall be part of the Walking Dead’s fan base that received’t be fully proud of the finale. She stated:


“What I’ll say is that this is the approach that we took, and it’s possible that not everybody’s going to be satisfied with this, but when you do have that many characters, you cannot give every person equal weight in something that is basically, I don’t know, 60 minutes of screen time. You’re just gonna have a nothing burger story. It’s not going to be every single person gets equal screen time, because like I said, it just makes it impossible to wrangle.”

Of course, The Walking Dead isn’t actually ending, per se. Rather than there being one collection, subsequent 12 months will see the foremost characters of the franchise breaking off into their own stories. This contains Dead City, which will feature Negan and Maggie in New York; Daryl Dixon, which takes place in Europe; Rick and Michonne, which is able to lastly do some explaining concerning the lengthy lacking Rick Grimes. With these spin-offs working alongside Fear the Walking Dead and Tales of the Walking Dead, it’ll really feel just like the franchise hasn’t gone wherever in any respect.

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