Jay Bhanushali and Mahhi Vij are upset with the latest incident that passed off along with her cook dinner. The actress took to her Twitter account and shared how her cook dinner abused her and her husband Jay Bhanushali and threatened to kill them and their daughter Tara.

Mahhi talked about it throughout a latest interview with BT and shared, “Just three days we had hired him through an agent. The agent said he is good at his work and the cook too told us that he had a kid to look after and needed a job. Usually, I am more comfortable hiring a female help, but I thought he was in need and has a child, so as parents we felt we should hire him.”

According to Mahhi the cook dinner she employed, began turning off the cameras in the home from the very first day. She mentioned, “We told him not to do that. At that time, Jay doubted his intention, but we let it pass. The next day, Tara’s nanny saw him opening my purse and peeking into it. She informed me and I asked him why he did that. He lied to me saying he didn’t open my bag and got a little argumentative, so I called Jay who was in the gym at that time. Jay immediately got back home, gave him his dues, and asked him to go. He started abusing. Jay didn’t want it to get ugly, so we asked the security to take him away.”

She later obtained a drunk name from the cook dinner and he began abusing her on the telephone. She mentioned, “He started abusing in the worst language possible. He said he would kill me and my family for removing him from the job. He said he would bring 200 people from his hometown Bihar and kill us with a khanjar. I recorded the call and approached the Oshiwara police, who filed an FIR against him on June 29. They have caught him now, but his family called us saying they will get him bail. I went to the police yesterday and explained that it is unsafe for us. I almost cried at the police station.”

Now Mahhi and Jay are leaving for London on work for 4 days. The couple is anxious concerning the security of their three-year-old daughter Tara. “I was planning to leave Tara at my mother’s place or at my best friend’s home, but I am worried now.”

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