During an look on Charlamagne Tha God’s The Breakfast Club, Jasmine Guy (Whitley Gilbert) and Kadeem Hardison (Dwayne Wayne) from the present A Different World, which aired from 1987 to 1993, mirrored on the primary season. Guy shared that she tried to stop regardless of signing a six-year contract. However, producers reportedly weren’t having it. The former co-stars additionally shared by no means informed earlier than tales in regards to the internal workings, together with claims that producers on the present handled its unique lead actress, Lisa Bonet (Denise Huxtable), horribly. According to Guy, Bonet was routinely belittled and disrespected, stating:


“That first season, I’m telling you, it was whack, and I didn’t like the way they were treating Lisa Bonet. You disrespect her in front of an audience, in front of me, you disrespecting me too.”

Guy claimed higher-ups would typically get “all up in” Bonet’s face and talked right down to her, saying issues like “just do it, just say it.” The actress added, “and the pointing.” After admitting she didn’t intrude on the set, Guy continued:

“I’m like, that’s a sweet girl because you’re not getting up on me like that. And you know, we’ve dealt with b*tches. We’re [Guy and Hardison] from New York, as far as choreographers and directors and whatnot. I was like ‘oh no, you not treating her like that.’ She had to hire security.”

Charlamagne requested if the mistreatment prompted Bonet’s exit from the present, Hardison and Guy disagreed, and shared that Bonet being pregnant on the time greater than probably triggered it. Hardison stated:

“[They] didn’t want a Black girl pregnant in college. I thought it would’ve been a great tool and something to inspire because it was all inspiring, so why not?”

Jasmine Guy Has More to Say

The 60-year-old additionally expressed feeling displeased with the community establishing the present to “compete” with different common sequence. She stated:

“Why would you change our time slot? And why would you put us against ‘Martin?’ I definitely took that personally. You ain’t got but two Black shows on the network, so you put us at the same time against each other? What have we done to deserve this kind of disservice? You know we not competing with ‘Martin.’ We come on at 8:30 [p.m.], they come on at 8 [p.m.]. Why did you move us? That was…detriment.”

In celebration of A Different World’s thirty fifth anniversary, there will likely be an all-day marathon on TV One on September 24, 2022, starting at 6 a.m.

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