Jang Woo Young shed tears after listening to a touching story on “Hong Kim Dong-jeon”.

Singer Park Jin Young appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Hong Kim Dong-jeon”, which aired on December 18th.

Kang Min Seok, who has been an actor for 9 years, despatched his story to this system. He mentioned, “Back then when I didn’t have any work and earned 0 won, my girlfriend paid for all the expenses of our dates. I felt so burdened, so I did purposely avoid to go on dates. Due to my poor income, I tried to break up with her first, but she said, ‘I’ll break up with you after you become famous’. I felt both grateful and sorry for her joke. Even when I suffered a hard time and thought of quitting acting, she said, ‘Even if you earn only 100,000 won, just do what you want to do’. I didn’t have anything back then, but she mentioned marriage to me first. I couldn’t answer her properly, and we ended up getting married without a proposal. We’ve been married for 3 years, but haven’t had any chance to go on honeymoon. I want to propose to her in a cool way”.

Hearing this, Jo Woo Jae exclaimed, “While reading the story, 2AM’s ‘This Song’ suddenly came to my mind. It tells exactly the same story”.

Jang Woo-young

Jang Woo Young shed tears whereas listening to the story. He then confessed, “‘I’ll break up with you after you become famous’. That’s so touching. I guess he would never forget these words.”

After the temper calmed down somewhat, Hong Jin Kyung jokingly mentioned, “Isn’t it too mean to break up with someone after they become famous?”. Park Jin Young commented, “It’s like cheating on the daughter of a law firm’s owner after passing the bar exam”, drawing laughter.

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