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Baby Groot returned to our screens this week for the animated miniseries I Am Groot, which can have lasted all of five seconds, however Marvel followers appreciated all of it the identical for providing up extra of the cute infantilized sequoia. The speaking tree’s toddler kind has been an enormous hit with audiences, ever since debuting as a sapling on the finish of the primary Guardians of the Galaxy and enjoying a a lot larger position in Vol. 2.

But there’s one thing we’ve at all times questioned about Baby Groot that creator James Gunn has now lastly cleared up. One fan was left curious by an allusion to Groot’s self-sacrifice within the first movie in I Am Groot, suggesting Baby Groot shares his grownup model’s recollections. Gunn declared, nonetheless, that this undoubtedly isn’t the case as they’re basically two completely different beings. Having mentioned that, Baby Groot has most likely been instructed about his “father” by the Guardians.

“He does not (in the same way I don’t remember what my father did – OG Groot is not his “self”),” Gunn defined. “But I’m sure he’s been told the heroic stories thousands of times by his galactic parents.”

Gunn’s feedback remind us of one thing that he’s at all times maintained about Baby Groot, however which followers typically overlook: Baby Groot isn’t simply Adult Groot reborn however is a brand new, if associated, life kind grown out of his stays, very very like a clone. So identical to a clone doesn’t have the recollections of the being it shares genetic materials with, Baby Groot doesn’t keep in mind Adult Groot’s life.

Chronologically talking, we most just lately noticed Groot 2.0 in Thor: Love and Thunder, the place he was nonetheless a youngster. He’s anticipated to have grown out of adolescence by this December’s The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special and subsequent May’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. As for I Am Groot, that’s both set throughout Guardians Vol. 2 or else merely not part of MCU continuity, in response to Gunn himself.

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