James Bond has a rigidly outlined character. He’s a gentleman spy who enjoys consuming martinis, seducing enemy brokers, and thwarting megalomaniacs. He’s as cool as ice, maintains grace below fireplace, and doesn’t let his feelings get in the best way of his government-sanctioned wetwork. 007 is likely one of the final motion hero archetypes.

Every Bond actor, from Sean Connery to George Lazenby to Roger Moore to Timothy Dalton to Pierce Brosnan to Daniel Craig, has captured this archetypal character superbly. Within that archetype, every performer has discovered their very own distinctive angle. From Connery’s coolness to Craig’s emotional engagement, each actor has introduced their very own qualities to the acquainted position of James Bond.


6 Sean Connery Was The Coolest Bond

Sean Connery in Goldfinger

Sean Connery acquired Bond’s characterization proper from the get-go. From the second he launched himself as “Bond, James Bond” in Dr. No, Connery’s 007 was a beloved icon. Not all the things from Connery’s Bond films holds up right this moment – notably their therapy of feminine characters – however the actor’s flip as 007 is timeless.

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More than half a century later, Connery’s Bond remains to be the best. Thanks to his easy confidence and charisma (even within the face of spy film wackiness), Connery’s Bond efficiency will most likely stay an unparalleled portrait of human coolness for an additional half a century and past.

5 George Lazenby Was The Most Sensitive Bond

George Lazenby as 007 saying this never happened to the other fella in on her majesties secret service

George Lazenby solely performed Bond in a single film, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and the movie’s technical achievements – like its cinematography and musical rating – overshadow the model-turned-actor’s efficiency as 007. But Lazenby nonetheless gave a terrific efficiency and, like his friends, made the position his personal. Lazenby was the primary actor to succeed one other within the position of Bond, and Connery had naturally left him with some huge sneakers to fill.

Ultimately, the best success of Lazenby’s efficiency is that he didn’t attempt to emulate Connery’s coolness; he humanized Bond with a coronary heart of gold. Lazenby’s Bond is arguably the sweetest, most delicate tackle the character. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is more of a love story than a spy caper. Throughout the film, he falls in love and will get married, and within the heartbreaking ultimate scene, he breaks down and cradles his dying bride in his arms.

4 Roger Moore Gave 007 A Wry Sense Of Humor

After Connery briefly returned to the position of Bond for Diamonds Are Forever, Roger Moore took over with Live and Let Die and ended up staying within the position for extra films than any of his friends. Moore’s tackle 007 wasn’t to everyone’s liking – his films rely closely on foolish wordplay and slapstick gags – however his Bond efficiency is actually distinctive.

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Connery had nailed all of the one-liners, however he gave a principally simple dramatic efficiency as Bond. Moore’s Bond movies had been so humor-driven that they bordered on sly self-parody with a 007 who disguises himself as a clown and runs alongside the backs of alligators.

3 Timothy Dalton’s Take On Bond Was Faithfully Dark And Brooding

Timothy Dalton as Bond in The Living Daylights

Timothy Dalton solely performed 007 in two films earlier than being changed by Pierce Brosnan, however his darkish, brooding tackle the position has been praised as probably the most devoted. Dalton introduced equal components edge and pathos to the cold-hearted murderer who finds love in The Living Daylights and the vengeful killing machine determined to avenge Felix Leiter in License to Kill.

Dalton’s Bond isn’t totally callous and insensitive – on the finish of The Living Daylights, he dangers assassination simply to see his girlfriend’s first solo cello efficiency – however his flip as 007 is the closest to Ian Fleming’s authentic characterization of an unstoppable killer.

2 Pierce Brosnan Combined All The Best Parts Of Previous 007 Performances

Bond enjoys a vodka martini in Die Another Day.

By the time Pierce Brosnan took over the position of Bond beginning with GoldenEye within the Nineteen Nineties, audiences had been very accustomed to the character. Enough actors had performed the half by then that each fan had a private favourite (often the one they grew up with) and subsequent performers taking up the position inevitably invited comparisons to their predecessors.

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Brosnan’s 007 films had been criticized for his or her overuse of CGI and their underuse of story logic, however he was an undeniably superior Bond. He has the suaveness, the dramatic skills, and the surplus of allure required to convincingly embody the position of 007. Perhaps the best energy of Brosnan’s Bond efficiency is that he managed to mix all the perfect components of each earlier Bond actor. Brosnan’s Bond reveals Connery’s coolness, Lazenby’s sensitivity, Moore’s goofball humor, and Dalton’s grizzled edge.

1 Daniel Craig Gave The Most Emotionally Charged Performance As Bond

Audiences don’t essentially go to Bond films to be taken on an emotional journey. They go to Bond films to see a tuxedo-clad spy getting out and in of shootouts and automobile chases, touring everywhere in the world in pursuit of a diabolical villain. But if a Bond film can do all that and take the viewers on an emotional journey, it’s a fair larger expertise. From his debut in Casino Royale, Daniel Craig outlined himself as a more emotionally engaging Bond than followers had been used to. Previous actors had stored 007 at arm’s size from the viewers emotionally, however Craig introduced them into Bond’s world and performed him as an actual human being.

Across 5 films, Craig’s Bond fell in love, acquired his coronary heart damaged, fell in love once more, acquired his coronary heart damaged once more, fathered a toddler who he cared about greater than something, and made the final word sacrifice to save lots of the world from the Heracles virus. Every step of the best way, Craig leaned away from taking part in an motion film archetype and leaned into the humanity of every painful inner battle. After the deeply shifting emotional closure of No Time to Die, when Eon lastly finds Craig’s replacement for the next Bond reboot, they’ll have lots to reside as much as.

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