J-Novel Club has introduced the acquisition of 14 new collection becoming a member of its growing digital catalog on its January 2023 business livestream. The new collection encompass ten gentle novels and 4 manga collection in whole. Most of the newly licensed titles will obtain a digital launch on J-Novel Club’s web site and app shortly after the conclusion of the announcement panel. 

Here are the complete particulars for the 14 new titles from J-Novel Club: 

Light Novels

Young Lady Albert Is Courting Disaster 

© Saki, Haduki Futaba

Story: Saki 

Art: Haduki Futaba


Meet Mary Albert, daughter of a wealthy and highly effective duke. With her neat silver ringlets and impeccable manners, she’s the right younger girl. But Mary harbors an uncommon ambition—her personal downfall!

On the day of her college entrance ceremony, Mary realizes she’s dwelling in an otome sport she performed in her previous life. Not solely that, however she’s the villainess, destined to torment the heroine, be expelled from noble society, and finish her story in destroy. Most would do something to keep away from such a depressing destiny, however not Mary! She cheerfully dives into the depraved position she was born to play, setting a course for disaster.

However, not all goes to plan. Despite her greatest efforts to bully and harass the heroine, Alicia, the mild woman appears blind to Mary’s intentions, even coming to see her as a good friend. What should our villainess do to attain her goals of doom?!

A Cave King’s Road to Paradise: Climbing to the Top with My Almighty Mining Skills! 

a cave kings road to paradise light novel volume one cover
© Hajime Naehara, Hatori Kyouka

Story: Hajime Naehara 

Art: Hatori Kyouka


In a world the place crests determine one’s destiny, Prince Heale is born with Cave King—a crest simply as nugatory as he’s. Deemed a shame to his household, he’s exiled to a barren, abandoned island with not a plant nor soul in sight. Alone, depressing, however decided to outlive, he reaches for a pickaxe to increase the cave he intends to make his new dwelling — and discovers the true energy of his crest!

It seems Cave King makes cavern mining as simple as respiration. And as Heale digs deeper into the island, he discovers one otherworldly mineral after one other. Who’s nugatory now?

But priceless ore isn’t the one factor Heale will discover on his mining adventures!

Reincarnated Mage with Inferior Eyes: Breezing by way of the Future as an Oppressed Ex-Hero

reincarnated mage with inferior eyes light novel volume one cover
© Yusura Kankitsu, Ruria Miyuki

Story: Yusura Kankitsu 

Art: Ruria Miyuki


Good grief. After spending years touring internationally, saving cities, defeating demons, after which lastly killing the demon king, my occasion—the folks I thought of comrades—determined to kick me out. I’d truthfully thought that they’d be completely different. They wouldn’t be like the remainder of the world, who irrationally hate folks like me, with Amber Eyes. But…I used to be improper.

In the tip, it’s not their fault, although. It’s simply how the world was again then. I used to be positive that with extra time and understanding, the world would shed their preconceived notions about these with Amber Eyes and deal with us as they might anybody else. I held on to this hope as I used my distinctive magecraft to reincarnate myself 200 years into the longer term. Now, it’s time to seek out out if my guess was proper!

Ascendance of a Bookworm: Short Story Collection 

ascendance of a bookworm short story novel collection
© Miya Kazuki, You Shima

Story: Miya Kazuki

Art: You Shiina


Six years have handed since Urano started her new life as Myne, and a lot has occurred. She went from being a easy commoner to an apprentice shrine maiden, then she was thrown into the world of nobles as Rozemyne, the adopted daughter of an archduke!

This first quantity of Bookworm’s new Short Story Collection is filled with beforehand unpublished chapters spanning Parts 1 to 4. Experience the decrease metropolis, the orphanage, the temple, the Royal Academy, and plenty of different acquainted places by way of new eyes in twenty-one tales instructed from a plethora of distinctive views. What do these in Myne’s (or Rozemyne’s) circle take into consideration her actions, and what occurs within the locations she will’t see?

A Royal Rebound: Forget My Ex-Fiancé, I’m Being Pampered by the Prince! (Launches February 8, 2023)

roya rebound light novel volume one cover
© Micoto Sakurai, Kuroyuki

Story: Micoto Sakurai 

Art: Kuroyuki 


Harumi Amelia is a studious younger countess and water mage. Her fiancé, Reese, is the second son of a marquis and wields earth magic, a fascinating talent for the agricultural area that Amelia’s father guidelines. The couple grew up collectively and has at all times gotten alongside nicely, so their joyful future collectively appears sure. Yet after Reese enters the Royal Academy of Magic, Amelia loses all contact with him. Although she assumes he’s simply busy along with his research, when she enters the academy a 12 months later herself, her classmates inexplicably ostracize her as Reese continues to keep away from her. Throughout this complicated ordeal, the remoted and anxious Amelia finds consolation within the kindness of Sarge, the fourth prince, who appears to have taken an curiosity in her…

I Only Have Six Months to Live, So I’m Gonna Break the Curse with Light Magic or Die Trying (Launches February 6, 2023) 

i only have six months to live volume one light novel cover
© Genkotsu Kumano, Falmaro

Story: Genkotsu Kumano 

Art: Falmaro


Prince Callus was born with a mortal curse that marks him as a Taboo Being. His days are numbered, and he’s been instructed the final six months of his life shall be nothing however bedridden struggling. This grim future haunts him…till he meets Gourley, who can wield gentle magic. 

Callus turns into the magician’s apprentice in hopes that this legendary energy would possibly dispel his curse if he can handle to grasp it within the time he has left. He has immense magical vitality and the uncommon means to see spirits on his facet, in any case, to not point out family and friends who’re there to assist him each step of the way in which. And so Callus stakes his life on this mission… It’s time to study gentle magic or die attempting!

The a centesimal Time’s the Charm: She Was Executed 99 Times, So How Did She Unlock “Super Love” Mode?! (Launches February 22, 2023)

the 100th times the charm light novel volume one cover
© Yuuji Yuuji, Nami Hidaka

Story: Yuuji Yuuji 

Art: Nami Hidaka 


Alphina is falsely accused of plotting to assassinate Saint Debonaire. Time rewinds each time she’s executed for against the law she didn’t commit, however with the merciless Saint Debonaire in opposition to her, the identical destiny awaits Alphina ninety-nine instances in a row: dying by decapitation.

But one thing completely different occurs the hundredth time round. Just as Alphina is making ready herself for one more execution, she discovers that she will hear folks’s true emotions—and that everybody secretly loves her! Can Alphina benefit from her newfound means and sidestep her destiny on the guillotine?

Survival Strategies of a Corrupt Aristocrat (Launches February 2, 2023)

survival strategies of a corrupt aristocrat light novel volume one cover
© Wanta, Yuunagi

Story: Wanta 

Art: Yuunagi  


While enjoying video games after my spouse betrayed me, I all of a sudden died and awakened as Jack Girard, the protagonist of the fangame Survival Strategies of a Corrupt Aristocrat. Unfortunately, Jack has it even worse than I do. Between his mother and father attempting to assassinate him, the betrayal of his private maid and the home’s butler, and a number of different horrors, his life—now my life—is one treacherous twist after Another.

However, with the assistance of Adele, the strongest supporting character of the sport, and my foreknowledge of mentioned twists, I’m decided to beat all of it and reside within the lap of luxurious!

The Apothecary Witch Turned Divorce Agent (Launches February 15, 2023)

the apothecary witch turned divorce agent light novel volume one cover
© Kosuzu Kobato, Yasuyuki Syuri

Story: Kosuzu Kobato 

Art: Yasuyuki Syuri 


Carla is a down-on-her-luck witch whose expertise aren’t as much as snuff relating to each magic and her work. Although her principal enterprise is operating an apothecary that’s been in decline ever since her grasp handed away, she additionally runs a divorce company on the facet (although all of her purchasers appear to reconcile, for some purpose).

One day, Carla receives a request she will’t refuse. The queen herself sends Thane, a knight who makes no effort to cover his distaste for witches, to move alongside her message. Carla isn’t a fan of knights herself, main the pair to combat like cats and canine…however perhaps first impressions aren’t every thing!

A Pale Moon Reverie (Launches February 6, 2023)

a pale moon reverie light novel volume one cover
© Kuji Furumiya, Teruko Arai

Story: Kuji Furumiya 

Art: Teruko Arai 


Irede, the city of advantageous drink, masterful performing arts, and holy courtesans, was constructed way back as an providing to a god. Travelers collect right here in droves from throughout the continent, however unbeknownst to them, shades—creatures who lead people astray — lurk within the streets.

Sari, a maiden with the flexibility to bind shades, is the proprietress of a dwelling delusion: the courtesan home Pale Moon. And when she meets Xixu, a shadeslayer contemporary from the capital, stressed shadows start stirring beneath the city’s floor…


Now I’m a Demon Lord! Happily Ever After with Monster Girls in My Dungeon 

now i'm a demon lord manga volume one cover
© Note Tono, Ryuyu, Daburyu

Story: Note Tono 

Original Work: Ryuyu 

Character Designs: Daburyu


Reborn in one other world as a demon lord, Yuki plans to make use of the extremely helpful on-line retailer that’s the DP Catalog to create an excellent sinister dungeon the place he can reside the straightforward life! But the second he begins his new life, he encounters the unimaginably sturdy Supreme Dragon.

Just when he thinks the tip is already nigh, issues take a weird flip in his favor! The Supreme Dragon, who seems to have a serious candy tooth, transforms into a stunning younger woman hell-bent on freeloading off him. And she’s not his dungeon’s solely new resident! Within days, he summons an lovable slime and rescues a candy little vampire woman too!

While caring for his new household, Yuki experiments much more with the Catalog by studying find out how to create his personal weapons. Their idyllic days don’t final lengthy, although, as an surprising menace seems…

Endo and Kobayashi Live! The Latest on Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte (Manga) 

endo and kobayashi live manga volume one cover
© Rumiwo Sakaki, Suzu Enoshima, Eihi

Story: Rumiwo Sakaki 

Original Work: Suzu Enoshima 

Character Designs: Eihi


One day, Crown Prince Sieg hears the Voices of the Gods out of the blue. Apparently, his fiancée Lieselotte is a “tsun de rais” villainess destined to satisfy her demise…and her sharp tongue is only a means of masking up her embarrassment. The prince can hardly include himself after discovering Lieselotte’s lovable hidden facet. Little does he know, the heavenly beings that bestowed this data unto him are literally excessive schoolers!

Can he use their divine prophecy (let’s play commentary) to save lots of his betrothed and keep away from a Bad End?!

A Cave King’s Road to Paradise: Climbing to the Top with My Almighty Mining Skills! (Manga) 

a cave kings roa to paradise manga volume one cover
© Takao Demise, Hajime Naehara, Hatori Kyouka

Story: Takao Demise 

Original Work: Hajime Naehara 

Character Designs: Hatori Kyouka

I Parry Everything: What Do You Mean I’m the Strongest? I’m Not Even an Adventurer Yet!

i parry everything manga volume one cover
© KRSG, Nabeshiki, Kawaguchi

Story: KRSG 

Original Work: Nabeshiki 

Character Designs: Kawaguchi


Noor has needed to be just like the adventurers in his father’s tales—heroes who at all times save the day. But as everybody is aware of, to be an adventurer, you’ve gotta have the proper Skills!

Unfortunately for Noor, his [Parry] is bottom-of-the-barrel ineffective, his prospects are nonexistent, and all people is telling him to surrender. He figures there’s just one factor to do: make up for it with effort! An intense, solitary coaching routine must do it. If one 12 months gained’t lower it, he’ll practice for 5! If not 5, ten!

Now in his late twenties with no new expertise to point out for his labors, Noor units out to turn out to be an adventurer anyway. He’s no stranger to laborious work afterall! Now, if solely he can determine why everybody retains taking a look at him like that…

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