Such a queen!

IVE’s Jang Wonyoung was not too long ago noticed at Incheon International Airport making her strategy to Paris to attend style week. Unlike her typical cute and informal type, she appeared on the airpot in a extra subtle and splendid picture, gaining a lot consideration on-line.

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From the impartial tone go well with to her pure lengthy hair, she gave off stylish Parisian vibes!

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Her mushy and easy make-up look added to the extra subtle vibe.

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Fans that observed the change in styling and make-up discovered that that they had modified make-up retailers to the hair and make-up artist that was accountable for her since her IZ*ONE days!

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  • “I know her styling yesterday was so pretty!”
  • “She was so pretty at the airport!”
  • “It’s the stylist that has been in charge of her since IZ*ONE! So happy!”
  • “No wonder she was even prettier yesterday.”
  • “She did it so well! I guess because she’s been doing her makeup for a long time.”

Watch the video under to see Wonyoung’s full outfit and styling!

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