We like to see members supporting one another!

Being one of many hottest K-Pop woman teams lately, they’re continuously being talked about by K-Pop followers and netizens alike. Member Jang Wonyoung, who has been within the highlight since IZ*ONE, is understood for her legendary visuals and candy persona. Let’s check out what the opposite members take into consideration her too!

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Leader Yujin revealed that Wonyoung is like an older sister although she is youthful. 

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She is a buddy that helps me so much as a result of her robust and unshakable internal self.

Gaeul revealed that she hopes that Wonyoung is aware of that she will lean on the opposite members when she must.

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Our Wonyoung has numerous hardships however can be the member that doesn’t present any feelings essentially the most throughout promotions…and that’s the reason we’re involved essentially the most about her. I hope you already know that you would be able to all the time lean on the members and know that we all the time assist you, okay?

Rei expressed her respect for Wonyoung for all the time working exhausting for the group regardless of all her different schedules.

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This isn’t TMI however whereas we have been making ready for our album, we had b-side tracks titled, ‘LOVE DIVE’ and ‘ROYAL’ and Wonyoung’s components have been so good. Even earlier than our group follow, she would come early to follow and seeing that made me respect her so much and the ultimate final result was good too.

Liz revealed that Wonyoung is a member that she needs to study from.

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A member that I need to study from is Wonyoung. Even with all these solo schedules, she attends our day by day dance practices with none complaints. I’ve by no means seen her being drained earlier than.

Leeseo expressed what an amazing unni she was for all the time serving to her out!

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Whenever I don’t know one thing, she’s the unni that lets me know kindly.

But there’s one factor that the members agree on relating to Wonyoung, and that’s professionalism!

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Something I need to study from Wonyoung is her skilled picture.

Something I need to study from Wonyoung is being an expert idol.

Something I need to study from Wonyoung is being an expert.

Something I need to study from Wonyoung is being an expert.

We like to see a busy but devoted queen being there for her group whereas rising her solo profession by increasing in numerous fields!

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