When it involves the nice debate between heels and flats, I always choose heels. I’m a heel woman for a plethora of causes, beginning with the truth that I’m barely on the shorter aspect at solely 5’2″. Mainly, it’s because I truly believe a good pair of heels takes an outfit to the next level. High heels make me feel confident, taller, and more powerful, and after wearing them since I was in high school, I can tell you that finding the right heels is just as much about comfort as it is about style. Haven’t we all seen people try and walk in heels with a visible look of pain and discomfort? No, thank you. 

There are certain types of heels that are much easier to walk in than others and that you can actually wear for an entire night out without complaining. Platform shoes, chunky heels, and sturdy mules are the best place to start. 

Keep scrolling to see the 41 fashionable but snug pairs of heels that I’m including to my cart. 

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