The singer stated she was on a “sabbatical year” regardless of a 12 months filled with actions, stunning even her crew.  

On December twenty ninth, IU posted on her official YouTube channel a video titled “IU’s surprise announcement! This is my sabbatical year.”

In the video, the singer stated, “We are filming for the 2023 Season Greeting. I heard today’s concept is very new. It’s a museum concept that I think our fans will love. Today I will be an organizer for IU Museum.” 

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This 12 months has been extraordinarily busy for IU. Nonetheless, the singer didn’t appear to be bothered by it. The PD expressed their ideas: “The person who said she would take it easy from age 30,” to which IU stated, “This is what I think, I’m not preparing for an album or working for an album. This year was honestly a sabbatical year for me.” 

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Recently, IU received the ‘Best Digital Song’ award from the thirty sixth “Golden Disc Awards,” and ‘Best New Actress’ from the 42nd “Korean Association of Film Critics Award.” She additionally attended the seventy fifth “Cannes International Film Festival,” and held her first solo live performance on the Main Stadium. The manufacturing staff stated in shock, “You only had two concerts,” and IU stated, “Next year I will run for real.”

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