ITZY have taken the MBTI check as a gaggle earlier than, in 2020, however extra lately, the members have stated that they don’t have much faith within the outcomes.


When a fan requested what they need to do if their “MBTI compatibility is bad” with a pal, all members instructed that friendship wasn’t depending on MBTI varieties.

Yeji: Don’t belief it a lot. Don’t decide folks by their MBTI. So you don’t have to consider it.

Lia: I don’t suppose the MBTI compatibility is completely proper. But the pal would possibly suppose so. So I believe it’d be higher you not inform him/ her your MBTI.

Ryujin: Pretend your MBTI is the kind going greatest with the pal’s, get shut, that’ll work.

Chaeryeong: I believe that doesn’t matter, simply get shut.

Yuna: I’m additionally very into MBTI, however I believe this will depend on how a lot you concentrate on one another. So I hope you don’t take into consideration the MBTI.

Still, when ITZY have been company on Kim Jong Kook‘s exercise series on YouTube, Yeji admitted that she knew all of her members’ MBTI varieties.

Yeji: This is curiosity and affection.

Yeji, Ryujin, and Chaeryeong | | GYM JONG KOOK/YouTube 

Here are ITZY’s up to date MBTI outcomes.


Although Yeji was an ISFJ when she took the MBTI check prior to now, she revealed that she’s now an ESFJ.

Yeji |

ESFJs are generally known as the “Consul” sort. ESFJs are typically outgoing and supportive of these round them, at all times keen to supply steerage. They will be opinionated however extremely loyal to these they care about.


When Lia first took the MBTI check, she was an ENFJ. In the 2 years since Lia’s outcome has not modified.

Lia |

ENFJs are generally known as the “Protagonist” sort. Like ESFJs, they’re opinionated however extra keen to pay attention and settle for others’ beliefs. ENFJs are extremely passionate, need to make a distinction on the earth, and have a tendency to steer others.


Like Lia, Ryujin‘s result hasn’t modified since they first took the check. She remains to be an INTJ.

Ryujin |

INTJs are generally known as the “Architect” sort. One of the rarest character varieties, INTJs are identified for being extremely rational and self-sufficient. They favor to make their very own discoveries in regards to the world and are keen to take dangers to determine new issues.


When Chaeryeong first took the MBTI check, she was an ESFJ. But, she seemingly swapped with Yeji as she’s now an ISFJ.

Chaeryeong |

ISFJs are generally known as the “Defender” sort. They are normally related to being extremely hard-working and constant to these round them however would somewhat not obtain consideration for his or her kindness. ISFJs are inclined to focus quite a bit on small particulars and might typically be perfectionists.


When Yuna first took the MBTI outcome, she shared the ENFJ sort with Lia. But now, she has develop into an ENFP.

Yuna |

ENFPs are the “Campaigner” sort. They are sometimes identified for being free spirits who’re extremely open-minded. Although extraordinarily social, they have an inclination to prioritize extra significant and emotional connections with others. ENFPs are additionally identified for being very inventive and imaginative.

You can learn extra about ITZY’s earlier MBTI outcomes right here.

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