ITZY kicked off their first world tour CHECKMATE in Seoul, attended by followers, household, and fellow K-Pop idols.

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There was one particular visitor specifically who touched Lia‘s heart so deeply that she cried.

Lia |

When it was Lia’s flip to talk, she couldn’t voice her ideas simply but. She’d begun to cry, wiping away her tears. There was an comprehensible motive behind them.

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Lia revealed, “Um… So, my mom’s in the audience,” earlier than wiping away extra tears.

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Making Lia chuckle, Yuna responded, “No! I don’t want to talk about my mom!” There was a humorous motive why Yuna tried to cease her from mentioning the subject.

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While the members gathered to consolation her, Lia defined, “We always end up emotional when we talk about family, that’s why.

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As Lia wiped the remainder of her tears, Yuna totally supported her by making everybody chuckle as soon as extra. She identified how typically their seniors cried at their live shows as nicely.

It’s okay to cry, although! Right, MIDZY? I’ve seen different sunbae-nims all cry at their live shows!

— Yuna

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Watch Lia get emotional at seeing her mother within the viewers and Yuna being the funniest supply of help.

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