The actor wrote a poem to herself, which talks about how whereas operating in a rat race, generally, we lose contact with our actual self.

UPDATED ON MAY 03, 2021 06:20 PM IST

Saumya Tandon is an avid reader and enjoys writing as nicely. Recently, she posted a letter she wrote to herself. She wrote it through the lockdown as after her hectic schedule taking pictures for her sitcom, she bought “some time for introspection during the lockdown”.

She explains, “I found time to connect with myself. This piece came from the moments when I could just sit back relax and I took an account of my life. I realised that while running in the rat race of life, sometimes, we lose touch with our real self. We become blinded by the norms set by the world about success and lose track of the real things that matter to us, things that represent us. I started questioning myself, whether the choices I’d made in my life were exactly what I wanted or dreamed of doing. I realised that often, the honesty and truth with which we start our journey, gets corrupted and jaded over time. We start losing touch with our real self and start doing things which don’t align with us just to please people or to succeed in the rat race. We start following the herd and lose ourselves. That’s when I realised that I need to speak to myself and write a letter to myself, since all this while I have been too busy to listen to my heart.”

After she wrote the letter, she deliberate to report it and on the photographer’s suggestion, she recited it to offer it a really feel of a poem. “We shot the video in natural light and minimal makeup. I though we were just experimenting with the idea of reciting my poems, but once we shot and edited it, I thought it can be shared with the world. Though it’s very personal yet I feel it’s a story of most of us,” she concludes.


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