Here’s each kind taken by the demonic Entity in It Follows. Of course, that is a lot debate about whether or not the entity is even a demon. It bears many similarities to at least one, however a part of the explanation It Follows works so nicely is that so little data is given about how the creature at its heart features. The solely issues seemingly recognized for sure about It Follows‘ entity is that its curse is handed on by way of intercourse, and when it will definitely kills its newest goal, it heads again to get the earlier one and so forth.

Beyond that, what precisely It Follows‘ titular “it” is or the place it got here from stays a thriller. With no It Follows sequel seemingly on the horizon, that thriller is more likely to keep unsolved, however as another cases of horror films filling in monster backstories show, generally the thriller is the higher possibility. One different side of the creature that appears obvious is a sadistic facet, given its tendency to take varieties positive to emotionally upset its prey.


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That tendency will not be completely born of sadism, as in a number of circumstances it additionally appears to be making an attempt to confuse its sufferer lengthy sufficient to get caught. Whatever the explanation the It Follows monster chooses a specific kind to take, the consequence all the time has one factor in widespread; being terrifying. Here’s a information to It Follows entity’s every form it takes in the movie.

The Girl In The Yellow Dress

It Follows - Girl in the Yellow Dress Scene

The viewers does not get to see the entity’s preliminary look in It Follows as a result of Jay does not, and she or he’s the focal character. On her date with Hugh/Jeff, earlier than the 2 have had intercourse, he sees a woman in a yellow costume behind them on the movie show. It’s exactly as a result of Jay does not see her that Hugh is aware of he is in deep trouble.

The Naked Woman

An image of a blonde protagonist standing in the middle of the road

The first kind It Follows‘ entity takes after Hugh has handed the curse on to Jay Height (Maika Monroe) is of a unadorned middle-aged girl. She’s not proven shut or lengthy sufficient to make a constructive identification, however the most effective guess based mostly on characters seen within the movie is Hugh’s mother. That would not have any speedy significance to Jay however may very well be one final taunt directed at its earlier goal.

The Old Woman

It Follows - Old Woman Form

One of the mysterious It Follows entity‘s most memorable varieties was its second onscreen look, an previous girl sporting a nightgown who slowly however certainly pursue’s Jay at college. There’s no proof that is one other character seen anyplace in It Follows, so its significance to the entity’s pursuit of Jay is up for debate.

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The Home Invader

The monster in It Follows appears to get pleasure from utilizing bare varieties to go after its prey, which is smart given its hyperlinks to sexuality. This subsequent kind seems in Jay’s house, proving nowhere is secure for her. This time the lady is topless but in addition appears to be like to have been brutally crushed, even to the purpose of lacking enamel and she or he additionally urinates on the ground. This kind is not identifiable, though contemplating her look, the entity may very well be utilizing this way to signify sexual trauma.

The Tall Man

Perhaps essentially the most putting of the entity’s disguises in It Follows, the tall man – to not be confused with The Tall Man villain from Phantasm – is a towering determine that terrifies Jay by showing behind her buddy Yara as she walks into Jay’s bed room. Again, the tall man does not appear to be every other character seen within the film, so outdoors of being scary, the importance of this way to Jay is unclear. However, it may truly be a delicate allusion to Jay’s unresolved points together with her unnamed, deceased father Mr. Height.


It Follows - Yara Form

After an evening of terror Jay, her sister, her neighbor Greg, and their associates all head off to the seaside to place a long way between themselves – which if somebody had sufficient sources, may very well be an easy way to defeat It Follows‘ curse – and the slow-moving entity. That ends when It Follows‘ resident stalker walks up behind Jay on the seaside, disguised as her buddy Yara. This kind is at the least extra clothed than traditional, however that does not make utilizing one in every of Jay’s closest allies any much less creepy.

The Creepy Child

It Follows - Creepy Child Form

After “Yara” arrives and proceeds to assault Jay, she and her gang run for refuge inside a hut. The entity busts open a gap within the door, then comes after them as a creepy younger boy. It’s straightforward to miss who that is throughout a traditional It Follows viewing, nevertheless it’s Jay’s neighbor, the one who was leering at her whereas she relaxed within the pool.

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The Beach Walker

It Follows - Annie Form

One of the extra curious varieties the entity takes comes after the seaside hut, because it turns into a teenage lady and chases after Jay, who responds by hopping into Greg’s automotive. Of course, it retains pursuing her relentlessly, making It Follows feel like The Terminator in that respect. Most viewers appear to agree this lady is Annie, the lady who’s brutally killed by the entity in It Follows‘ opening, and certain the final particular person Hugh handed the curse to earlier than Jay.


Greg in It Follows

From the second Jay’s neighbor Greg started providing her assist, it was clear he was drawn to her. Since he additionally does not imagine her concerning the It Follows entity’s curse, he is joyful to make the “chivalrous” supply to sleep together with her and take the curse off her fingers. He involves remorse that a number of days later when the entity breaks into his home, first taking his personal kind for itself.

Greg’s Mom

It Follows - Greg's Mom Form

After turning into Greg, the entity then transforms into his mom, who’s bare underneath an open gown. Greg does not notice it is not his mother, opens the door, and will get murdered in what’s simply It Follows’ most disturbing death scene.

The Naked Climber

This subsequent kind taken by the entity in It Follows is one other that is extraordinarily bare. Bizarrely, Jay sees him standing atop the roof, and never actively pursuing her, which is out of character. Evidence additionally factors to this way being Jay’s grandfather, who’s seen in a household picture earlier within the film.

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Jay’s Father

It Follows - Jay's Father Form

Jay and her remaining comrades try and make a stand in opposition to the entity at an area indoor pool, and naturally, the creature twists the knife by making its last kind throughout this confrontation as Jay’s deceased father. Mr. Height’s destiny is not defined in It Follows however he is clearly not within the image anymore. His identification can also be confirmed by a household picture.

The Sidewalk Stalker

It Follows – which connects back to the original Evil Dead in a delicate method – ends on an ambiguous notice, because it’s unclear if Jay managed to really defeat the entity. An individual, considerably resembling Paul, Jay’s buddy and previously unrequited lover, may be seen strolling within the pair’s course down the sidewalk. Is that the entity, or simply one other particular person strolling? Viewers proceed to debate the reply.

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