Iron Man followers know Tony Stark has an ego the scale of a planet, however the billionaire superhero’s primary flaw really saves the Avengers – for as soon as.

Warning: comprises spoilers for Avengers Mech Strike: Monster Hunters #2!

Marvel’s Iron Man is usually the sufferer of his personal egocentric tendencies and his narcissistic character, however the Armored Avenger proved his ego can really save the Avengers– in very uncommon instances. Tony Stark could also be one of the founding members of the Avengers with the capital essential to fund the crew and their many battles in opposition to crime and world-ending threats, however even he has issue combating his personal ego. But in Avengers Mech Strike: Monster Hunters #2, Stark makes use of his personal inflated sense of self to beat back the monstrous villain of the collection: Doctor Doom.


The Avengers: Mech Strike occasion of 2021 was a self-contained collection of e-book revolving across the crew’s acquisition and use of highly effective new armor. Each go well with was designed by Tony himself with the members of the Avengers in thoughts. The crew fought off a risk that broke time itself: Kang the Conqueror and his military fought the mechanized crew and even killed Thanos and Black Panther, although the latter finally got here again to life because the avatar of Eternity. With Kang defeated, the crew put the mech fits in storage – however the time has come to make use of them once more.

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In Avengers Mech Strike: Monster Hunters #2, written by Christos Cage with artwork by Paco Diaz, the Avengers encounter Doctor Doom, who obtained a monstrous type with the Eye of the Kraken. Doctor Strange makes use of the opposite Eye to remodel the Avengers’ mechs into much more highly effective variations of themselves, however the evil Eye has corrupted their minds. Tony is the final one to snap out of it due to the assist of the Wasp…by saying “You like me! You really like me!” The Wasp can solely reply with “I knew no ancient monster could be stronger than you ego.”

The Wasp and Iron Man used to be romantically involved, however like so a lot of Tony’s previous companions, she couldn’t stand his ego and way of life and left him. In this occasion, Tony’s stubbornness is seen as a optimistic attribute: it offers him the power wanted to withstand the Eye of the Kraken and regain management over his armor and his personal thoughts. It’s necessary to notice that whereas T’Challa resisted the Eye by considering of Wakanda and Janet by considering of her interior power that allowed her to rise above her previous…Tony Stark resisted evil by considering of himself.

In the overwhelming majority of modern-day Iron Man tales, Tony Stark is his personal worst enemy. One want solely learn Civil War, Civil War II, Superior Iron Man, Avengers: Tech-On and the famous Demon in a Bottle stories to know he pushes himself far an excessive amount of, depends on exterior stimulus to boring the ache of his childhood trauma, and believes his strategies are the one right programs of motion. But on this (admittedly transient) occasion, Iron Man overcame nice evil by way of the facility of his personal higher ego.

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