If you’ve fired up Disney Plus or gone wherever close to a theater since Wednesday, then you definitely’ll be absolutely conscious that some main returns, reprisals and visitor appearances have considerably shaken up the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the floodgates could nicely have been opened.

Now that Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin is officially back in the fold following the briefest of glimpses on the finish of Hawkeye‘s fifth episode, speculation will almost inevitably increase that more former Netflix residents will follow suit. While Jon Bernthal’s Punisher and Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones can be close to the highest of everybody’s checklist, there gained’t be a lot love for Iron Fist.

Regarded as the weakest of the Defenders lineup by quite some distance, there isn’t a lot enthusiasm from the fanbase over seeing any alumni from Danny Rand’s solo present coming again. However, Jessica Henwick’s Colleen Wing can be a strong addition, and the actress addressed the likelihood in an interview with SyFy.

“I’m so torn… on the one hand yes, because I loved her and I put so much work into her. And she is one of those characters I tried to protect so hard. I felt really passionate about her story. So yes… I would love to revisit her and get back into her head… on the other hand, we left her in a great place. She’s paired up with Misty, she’s got that going on, she’s got her powers, she seems to be good at it… she’s living her best life. And I know if we bring her back, we have to bring her into conflict. I just want her to have her happy ending.”

What’s fascinating is that Henwick revealed she turned down Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings in favor of The Matrix Resurrections, though it was by no means made clear if that may have seen her again as Colleen or re-debuting as any person else. She’s hardly against the notion, although, so it might probably’t be dominated out that she’ll be again in a single kind or one other.

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