Angad Bedi has mentioned that the fashionable age has made our lives robotic and fewer humane, because of expertise and social media. Angad is at present seen in a brief movie The List that premiered on Amazon Mini TV on Thursday. Directed by debutante Gaurav Dave, the movie additionally options his Pink co-star Kirti Kulhari. (Also read: Angad Bedi tells Neha Dhupia to come home soon so they can ‘spend her money’)

In an unique interview with Hindustan Times, he additionally talked about individuals cherishing stardom however seldom caring for the laborious work that goes into constructing a star. He cited the instance of cricketer Virat Kohli and mentioned that the laborious work he has put in is hardly talked about.

Talking concerning the lack of feelings in modern-day relationships, Angad mentioned, “We are leading robotic lives. We are always projecting ourselves (on social media). And, our self esteem is always about success. It is not just the case in the industry but it is the way the entire world works. People want to be around successful people. The side effect of that is brutal. I feel success teaches you nothing and failure does.”

He added, “For example, there is someone like Virat Kohli, and so many others in our fraternity, young superstars are there. But the thing is that people need to identify with them when they are going through the grassroot (work). People only identify with the successes. Virat came from a certain region in Delhi, from a certain club of cricket and he worked his way up. People love his flair and the stardom that he has but it has been a lot of hard work behind it all.”

Angad then went on to say that an actor must show his/her mettle every time and can’t anticipate producers to speculate cash in them with out doing so. “Even in actors’ lives, nobody makes films for you. You cannot show up in Mumbai and expect people to start investing 20, or 50, or 100 crores on you. You need to prove yourself. Even after you have a successful film, you cannot sit back and relax. It is a new box office figure every day. We need to keep proving ourselves. I think I was lucky to be born in a sports family which gave me discipline. It taught me to continuously work on myself to stay relevant.”

Talking about his expertise of engaged on The List, Angad mentioned, “The best thing was that I met Gaurav Dave (director). He is an exceptionally sound technician and he understands my DNA as a person. He makes me feel secure and I am proud that I am a part of his first film. I value first films. Today, he made a film with us, next he will make a feature film and get bigger actors. I wish him all the best. The worst thing, I’d say, was that we had less time. Gaurav had so many avenues to portray the message that the film talks about but we were short on time. We could have spent time together.”

Asked about triggers that make him disconnect in a relationship, Angad mentioned, “My triggers would be disinterest. A lot of times, people ask ‘how are you’, but they do not mean anything. The trigger is when you are genuinely not in it. You have to stay connected otherwise you drift apart. Apart from talking about yourself, you have to take time and listen to the other person as well in a relationship.”

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