His life made his work stand out to RM much more prominently.

As an artwork connoisseur, BTS member RM has been vocal about his admiration of Korean modern artist Yun Hyong Keun for a really very long time. His reverence for the artist appears to have crossed over the medium of visible artwork to the extent of affecting his worldview. And this affect is seen in abundance all through the totally different elements of his newly-released solo album “Indigo.”

Yun’s 1972 piece, “Blues,” appeared to have an distinctive maintain over RM’s album from the beginning. From utilizing the portray within the background of Indigo’s album jacket

“Blues” by Yun | mmca.go.kr

to calling his tracklist “10 Blues,”

RM made it clear that his understanding of Yun’s work was a steady theme all through the album, even earlier than the songs got here out.

But he didn’t preserve his inspiration on the delicate degree solely. RM additionally named the primary monitor of his report “Yun.” The hypnotic monitor displays Yun’s perception, “To live most beautifully means to survive after experiencing extreme suffering and hardship.

He all the time stated you need to be human first/ Don’t attempt to do artwork, simply have enjoyable, savouring all of the sorrows and joys of life.

—RM, “Yun”

RM has derived this lesson from Yun’s life, which was marked with great hardships. He lived by means of the aftermath of Japanese colonial rule in Korea, the Korean conflict, and the postwar dictatorship period. Throughout his life, he fought for his rights and had many shut encounters with dying and imprisonment.

Yun Hyong Kkeun in his studio | Yun Seong Ryeol/Estate of Yun Hyong Keun

RM discovered Yun’s braveness as respectable as his brush. Even whereas dwelling by means of consistently turbulent occasions, Yun nonetheless made artwork, and that fascinates the BTS chief to no finish.

In his time, folks had been ravenous and there was artwork, however most individuals had been [focused on getting] meals and [the need to] survive…I might by no means think about how they might consider artwork at these occasions – [through] the wars, the fights, the politics. That’s why I’ve a giant respect [for] particularly him. He by no means bowed all the way down to the unhealthy issues.

—RM, New Musical Express

The very purpose why RM selected to focus on Yun’s work and phrases in his solo album was to unfold the artist’s message to the world. He admitted that he desires to “be an ambassador of him ’cause I’m in his debt.”

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