Min Hee Jin, SM’s former inventive director and CEO of Ador, who created NewJeans, known as out the trade’s obsession over worldview? 

On January twenty first, Cine21 launched an interview with CEO Min Hee Jin of Ador, a sub-label of HYBE.

In the interview on today, CEO Min stated, “Recently, there are many cases where a specific worldview or narrative is added (to the artists’ concepts), but New Jeans doesn’t seem to have that noticeable stem.” 

When requested, “Was it on purpose for you to escape from the world view that the K-pop industry has been obsessing over recently?”, CEO Min replied, “To put it bluntly, I am a person who is against the worldview in K-pop.

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CEO Min defined, “NewJeans is a team that does not have the concept of a worldview that has been talked a lot about in K-pop.

She continued, “Some people who have consistently seen our message can name our message as a kind of worldview. The perception of the worldview from that point of view is welcome.

Furthermore, she said, “There is no reason to obsess over the worldview. New Jeans will be quick to present the topic that needs to be talked about during each activity.

Regarding this interview with CEO Min, some netizens are wondering if she was taking a jab at SM Entertainment. 

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Min Hee Jin was a well-known creative director at SM Entertainment. She directed many legendary concepts for SHINee, f(x), and EXO.

In addition, since SM Entertainment’s artists such as EXO and aespa are characterized by having their own worldviews, many netizens interpreted CEO Min’s remarks as targeting SM. 


Netizens left comments, “She was obviously taking a jab at SM“, “I like SM artists, but I agree with what she said,” and “NewJeans is Min Hee Jin’s personal worldview“.

Source: Insight. 

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