K-Pop followers could also be aware of the “Big 4” leisure corporations—SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and HYBE. Each one has a well-liked stereotype connected to it. For instance, folks say that SM Entertainment prioritizes visuals, whereas YG Entertainment locations extra significance on creative freedom.

Naturally, it doesn’t apply to everybody, nevertheless it continues to be a widespread perception.

YG Entertainment group iKON | YG Entertainment

It could also be due to YG Entertainment’s picture that iKON‘s Yunhyeong, an artist under it, jokingly implied that he would have loved to join a different agency instead!

iKON’s Yunhyeong

In a latest TikTok video, he took a take a look at to see which Big 4 company he seems to be like he belongs to. He waited with bated breath to see what he’d obtain.

Well, the take a look at turned out to be extraordinarily correct as a result of it instantly recognized him as being from YG Entertainment! Unfortunately, he didn’t just like the outcome. He jokingly sighed deeply as he dropped his head in disappointment.

He determined to attempt it another time. This time he received…SM Entertainment! The second he noticed the outcome, he screamed in pleasure.

Clearly, Yunhyeong wasn’t taking part in when he made that delicate diss at YG Entertainment. He might have wished to appear to be his face is SM’s kind, however followers would agree that he doesn’t lose out within the seems to be division!

This isn’t the primary time a K-Pop idol from YG Entertainment wished he had an “SM face.” Check out what WINNER‘s Mino had to say about it in the article below.

The Real Reason WINNER’s Mino Is Disappointed He Has A “YG Face” Not An “SM Face”

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