In the most recent episode of IDOL: The Coup, Jenna humbly approaches Troy, a now competent producer who has an disagreeable previous with Cotton Candy.

Dropping Bbiyong as their producer, Jenna decides to strive asking for assist from Troy though they’ve an disagreeable previous. Cotton Candy releases a brand new video, which sparks curiosity on who they have been pertaining to within the video. As a fronted danger measure, CEO Cha approves the collaboration of Mars and Cotton Candy for a charity occasion.

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IDOL: The Coup Episode 6 Key Moments

“It’s nothing we didn’t expect. The world wouldn’t be so easy on us.”

Jenna and Hyun-ji hear about how Bbiyong was dragging out the manufacturing of their group’s track. Bbiyong factors out CEO Cha because the one who ordered it, and this angers Jenna and Hyun-ji. However, in fact, it was all Bbiyong’s plans which the CEO didn’t cease nor approve. 

idol the coup

“Pick a stance and stick to it. Don’t confuse people.”

Ji-han visits CEO Cha’s workplace, and asks him whether or not he feels apologetic in the direction of Jenna. The CEO replies to remain on one facet as he remembers Ji-han feeling betrayed just lately. Ji-han asks CEO Cha why he has chosen to remain silent though it was all Bbiyong’s thought, and the CEO replies it was as a result of he needed Jenna to surrender.

idol the coup

“With success, people get more generous.”

Cotton Candy members take into consideration how they will discover one other producer. A suggestion comes up that Jenna shall produce the track, however they notice they should have a producer that may be a magnet for folks.

Jenna comes up with the thought of asking assist from Troy, a producer they’ve been with even earlier than they debuted. Troy will get shocked with Jenna’s proposal since he recollects how he was accused of plagiarism and referencing by Cotton Candy members.

Moreover, he additionally remembers how Jenna didn’t imagine him and coldly let go of his hand though he begged on his knees. Jenna tries to make clear how the plagiarism accusations have been influenced by Bbiyong, and persuades Troy with Cotton Candy’s new video that will likely be uploaded of their channel.

“Watch what you say. Some words degrade even the listener.”

Ji-han proposes to CEO Cha a collaboration with Cotton Candy in alternate for his settlement to characteristic in Lune’s track. The latest video uploaded by Cotton Candy has garnered consideration with the remark hypothesis of Bbiyong because the nameless particular person being talked about within the video.

In the workplace of the CEO, Bbiyong will get offended listening to concerning the collaboration of Cotton Candy with Mars as danger administration of the corporate. He insults Cotton Candy explicitly, however his phrases are referred to as out by the CEO and Director Yoon.

Jenna enters the workplace, and questions whether or not this collaboration is one other trick by the CEO. However, CEO Cha confirms that the collaboration was none of his plans. Jenna exits the workplace, and he or she tells Bbiyong that her group has no time to combat him since they’re preoccupied with the time left for them.

Meanwhile, Hyun-ji and Chae-ah notice it was none of them who left the speculating remark about Bbiyong. None of the members dwelling of their dorm is aware of who commented that the particular person they have been speaking about was Bbiyong.

“The important thing is not just surviving! It’s how you survive!”

Cotton Candy and Mars put together for his or her collaboration within the charity occasion. Hyun-ji and Chae-ah resolve to render a dance duet, which was closely opposed by Director Yoon.

Ji-han informs Jenna about how the company has nothing to do with Bbiyong’s choices to tug out their group’s track. Meanwhile, Assistant Manager Park informs Jenna about Elle assembly a possible investor for her solo. Jenna meets up with Elle to name her again to the group, and name out the choices she makes to outlive. Elle stays agency along with her choices, and pushes Jenna for telling her such issues.

Hyun-ji gladly drops her duet with Chae-ah, and proposes that Ji-han and Jenna exchange them. Director Yoon opposes the thought, however the majority of the members conform to it. Jenna receives a name from Troy, and hears his circumstances, which contain Elle, for him to supply their track.

IDOL: The Coup Episode 6 Musings

At this level of the collection, lets say that CEO Cha nonetheless has humanity in him seeing how he handled Bbiyong. He remains to be undoubtedly uncompromising with enterprise, however we additionally get to find extra of his different sides, as he seems to be out for Jenna who was crying exterior the corporate constructing.

Stella has been taking drugs for her psychological well being, and like Elle, we will see how she offers with this silent battle of hers. Elle has been struggling within the latest episodes, and shortly hopefully she will likely be satisfied to return again to Cotton Candy.

idol the coup

Jenna was commendable with how she dealt with Bbiyong. She is aware of her priorities, and preventing with a producer like Bbiyong will not be price her power. Viewers ought to look ahead to how their cope with Troy would end up.

The collaboration of Mars and Cotton Candy is one other small victory for the group. They are really seizing their group’s remaining contract interval. One by one, Cotton Candy has been reaching small wins, and it’s nice to see their progress in comparison with the sooner episodes.

For subsequent week’s episodes, viewers can anticipate the collaboration of the 2 teams, and Troy’s cope with Cotton Candy. Moreover, we will additionally see how Jenna will deal with Elle and her struggles along with her dwelling circumstances. Seeing the preview, the event of CEO Cha’s therapy with Jenna and her group shall even be anticipated.

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