Lee Soo Geun frankly confessed about having obsessive-compulsive dysfunction on “Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller”.

A person in his 40s with an obsession appeared as a consumer on KBS Joy’s leisure program “Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller”, which aired on January thirtieth.

During the published, the consumer mentioned he got here to obtain recommendation as a result of his obsessive-compulsive dysfunction has turn out to be so extreme.

Lee Soo-geun

The consumer confessed that he has “urine and pee compulsion”, which makes his thoughts really feel like he needs to urinate or pee whatever the precise situation of his physique.

According to the consumer’s story, he all the time needs to go to the lavatory each 20 minutes.

Lee Soo-geun

In response, Seo Jang Hoon requested, “Even if you think about it, don’t you have any feeling that something will come out?”. The consumer replied, “It’s tiring thinking of it all day”.

Lee Soo Geun sympathized with the consumer’s concern attributable to obsession. He mentioned, “I also had an obsession. It already disappeared but seems to return recently”.

Lee Soo-geun

He shocked everybody when he confessed, “In the past, I couldn’t sleep with my head leaning backwards. I had the feeling that someone would stab me in the neck so I tried to protect my neck as much as possible, such as covering my neck or sleeping on my stomach”.

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