Malenia, Goddess of Rot (AKA one of many hardest bosses within the recreation)

Before I reached Malenia, a notoriously robust boss in Elden Ring, I had already heard a bit concerning the participant named “Let me solo her,” who — as their identify implies — is fully capable of taking on the two-phased foe by themselves. I used to be shocked to seek out their summon signal final night time and much more delighted that they hadn’t been rapidly summoned by quite a few different gamers who’d learn all about their abilities (they put on subsequent to nothing for cover, they usually wield two katanas). They arrived in my recreation, and it was like seeing a star. They even waved. I used my prattling pate and mentioned, “You’re beautiful.” We walked into the battlefield collectively.

I used to be so excited to have “Let me solo her” in my recreation that I, actually, didn’t allow them to solo her. Like Bizarro in Sealab 2021, I believed I was helping by sending a couple of Swarm of Flies spells into the ring. They promptly left my recreation mid-battle. I used to be virtually instantly eviscerated within the recreation — and in real-life — realizing that I attempted to duo with the solo grasp. They had even gestured for me to remain again. Why couldn’t I heed the warning?

After quite a few retries on my own, I stumbled upon their summon signal once more, and this time, I knew to face again and watch them masterfully take down this boss. The legend of “Let me solo her” is alive and nicely. Just sit, loosen up, and don’t attempt to assist out.

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