Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter account was suspended at the moment morning on accounts of hateful conduct and abusive behaviour coverage after she tweeted in response to the West Bengal violence, asking PM Modi to retaliate in the identical approach. Kangana tweeted that PM Modi should retaliate along with his “virat roop” from the early 2000s and this comment brought on a rightful outrage on social media. 

Post her everlasting suspension, Kubbra Sait, who has opposed Kangana’s extremist views previously reacted with reduction. She posted a screenshot of Kangana’s account and wrote, “Amen! I was in a mental state of tripping her with my left foot if I ever met her. But, this is way better. I hope for permanent relief. Social media can be better without her.” 

Kubbra Sait Kangana Ranaut

Kubbra additionally added, “The news did bring a smile and lifted a cloud off my chest as it did for many others.” 

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