It could also be many individuals’s greatest concern, however this lady’s companion cheated along with her greatest good friend whereas she was at work. 

The viral video of the battle between Shauna, her former good friend in addition to her husband now has over 9 million views.

Shauna shared the story on TikTookay that result in the explosive state of affairs, and tbh, it’s fairly heartbreaking.

On the video platform, Shauna mentioned: “So I put the camera in the house because my gut just wasn’t sitting right. It wasn’t even about him or her, that never even crossed my mind I didn’t think that they were doing anything.”

“I thought that he was sneaking somebody in like that he had previously cheated on me with, that’s why I put the camera in the house.”

“So yesterday I was looking at the camera, come to find out, it this bitch and we’ve been friends for like four years, good friends, she needed somewhere to go, I let her move in.”

“Anyway, so I haven’t told neither one of them knew about the camera. I haven’t told either one of them that I even know because when he gets home from work I’m [going to] ask them and then I’m going to show them the video.”

Viewers waited with bated breath to see how the pair would react to Shauna’s confrontation and proof of their infidelity.

About the confrontation, Shauna mentioned: “It definitely went down, tussling there and of course they lied, said it didn’t happen. I didn’t get a chance to show them the video because we ended up fighting. They’re currently out of the house, gone.”

She then posted the second she broke it to her good friend that she knew concerning the betrayal and shared it on Tiktok.

To get her to look on digital camera, Shauna instructed her good friend they have been making a video.

“So I got a question for you,” she mentioned, “did you sleep with my man while I was at work?”

The good friend was in shock so Shauna needed to reiterate: “Yes or no did you sleep with my man while I was at work?”

To which her good friend, twirling her sweatpants string nervously says: “Why would I sleep with your man?”

“You slept with my friend while I was at work?” Shauna yelled at her companion as he got here into the room.

Viewers waited with bated breath to see how the pair would react to Shauna’s confrontation and proof of their infidelity.

“What is y’all talking about?” he barked.

Shauna then mentioned: “like I don’t got the footage” after which tumbled along with her good friend as her former companion shouted over the video and the trio escalated in to a bodily battle.”

The video now has over 9.1 million views and 1.1 million likes.

She had beforehand proven a video of her good friend on her couch, folding garments, with the caption: “When you give your friend a place to stay and she sleeps with your man while you’re at work and they don’t know you know cuz you hid a camera.”

She instructed her 313.4k followers that she would confront each of them on the identical time when her companion will get again dwelling later that day.

Viewers within the feedback instructed her to punish her good friend with housekeeping, saying: “Let her finish the laundry first though, maybe some dishes too.” 

“Have her clean the entire house while you’re at it before you confront her.”  

The feedback part of the video mentioned whether or not it is best to ever let a good friend stick with you and a companion.

One commented: “Never have another woman living in your house with your man.”

Another viewer suggested: “Never bring a 3rd party into your home…no matter how much ‘trust’ you got in them.” 

This story initially appeared on The Sun and was reproduced right here with permission.

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