The picture was probably snapped on the tattoo studio.

Yesterday, HyunA took to Instagram to indicate off yet one more new tattoo!

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She appears to be engaged on getting a number of new inks on her physique today, because it was just a few days in the past that she shared a different tattoo on her shoulder blade.

Her most up-to-date tattoo seems to be some form of summary design on her arm, which follows her pattern recently for getting extra uncommon and “doodle”-like tattoos. They appear to attract blended reactions from followers, although most help HyunA’s selections to freely do no matter she desires to her personal physique.

It wasn’t simply the brand new tattoo, nevertheless, that caught folks’s consideration within the Instagram submit. Behind HyunA on the fitting facet of the picture, netizens realized there may be what seems to be a bong on the desk.

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| @hyunah_aa/Instagram

It seems for use as properly, moderately than simply getting used for decor like different glassware within the picture. A few commenters discovered the seemingly unintended inclusion of the bong amusing and relatable, even when it was unintentional.

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What’s unknown at this level is that if the bong is even HyunA’s. She tagged the tattoo artist within the picture — @baebolsu — who works at a studio referred to as Igloo Shop in Seoul. Based on photographs shared on the studio’s Instagram account, which function the same aesthetic and plenty of crops like what’s seen in HyunA’s image, evidently she might need taken the picture there as properly.

Whether or not the bong belongs to HyunA, there’s one factor we will all agree on: HyunA’s new tattoo is a vibe.

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