The tub bomb is GORGEOUS. 😍

HYBE Merch is formally releasing a line of “The Astronaut” merchandise celebrating BTS Jin‘s solo single, featuring his beloved astronaut character Wootteo. Check out all of the items that will be available for purchase below!

1. Plushies

You can own Wootteo himself in many forms, including a body pillow, a doll cushion, and a keyring.

2. Clothes

The super cute hoodie and jogger set comes in white with purple stripes down the arms and legs and has Wootteo and the logo of “The Astronaut” on both pieces.

3. Beauty

For those who enjoy taking a luxurious bath, you can purchase a bath bomb set.

Bathe in the gorgeous colors of the galaxy!

4. House Items and more

There are also a variety of different products including home décor and other products that can be used in daily life.

For the kitchen, there’s a dinnerware set…

…and a cutlery set.

There are additionally some Wootteo magnets…

…a surprising light-up wire garland…

…and an ID card holder!

The merchandise will probably be listed on November 30 at 11AM KST and made obtainable for buy at 2PM KST on Weverse Shop.

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